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                                                                                                STOCK LIST FOR WEEK OF NOVEMBER 23rd


Please note that I will be shipping on Monday for Tuesday delivery, on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery, and on Friday for Saturday delivery during this week of the Thanksgiving Holiday.


GENUS                 SPECIES                            SIZE                        COST                    COMMENTS/REMARKS ABOUT SPECIES


                                                                       (total length                  (in US $)                                               (wild collected fish include the word ‘wild’ in description,

                                                                          in inches)                    ‘ea’ = per fish                                      ‘F1’ = 1st generation stock bred from wild collected adults

                                                                                                                ‘pr’ = male/female pair                             cb’ = captive bred of unspecified generation)


                                                                                SOUTH AMERICAN CICHLIDS


Acarichthys         heckelii                                 2.5-3”    18.00 or 3 @ 15.00 ea.      showy acara-like earth eaters that develop beautiful threadfins

Aequidens             cf. diadema                          2.5-3”    20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.      wild Rio Itaya, Peru ‘Jenaro Herrera acaras’, this species displays a rainbow of color

                              pallidus                                 1.5”         7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.          F1 Rio Branco, Brazil juves; super rare in the trade; intricately ornate turq. facial mask

                                                                            2-2.5”    12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.      next size up on chunky F1 grow outs

                              patricki                                 2.5-3”    28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.      wild, seldom imported acara of red/orange & green from Rio Aguaytia, Peru

Andinoacara       biseriatus                              1.5-2”                    35.00                      extremely rare wild import from Upper Rio San Juan, Colombia! Gorgeous red-finned acara

                              latifrons                                3-4”        18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.      wild Colombian ‘turquoise acara’; gorgeous-easy to keep/breed.  Covered in turq. spangles w/ red trim fins

                              pulcher                                  1.5”                        8.50                        F1 juveniles of Trinidad collected, very impressive examples of ‘blue acara’ in ltd qty only

                              pulcher ‘elec. blue acara 5-6”        50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.      cb jumbo ‘electric blue acara’ adults; extremely impressive w/ glowing color

                              stalsbergi                              4-4.5”    85.00 or 4 @ 75.00 ea.      wild and rare import of Rio Pisco, Peru ‘highland white trim green terror’

                              sp. ‘Choco                           4-5”                        65.00                      uber rare, undescribed Andean acara-considered ‘A. sapayensis’ in many photos/texts; crazy beautiful!

Astronotus ocellatuslongfin red oscar     8”           35.00 or 2 @ 32.00 ea.       cblongfin or veil tail red oscars’ in limited quantity

                              cf. ocellatus ‘Rio Araguaia’ 4-4.5  55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.    wild oscars from Rio Araguaia, Brazil; blood red & yellow bars/spangles – very sharp

                              sp. ‘Orinoco oscar            5-6” @ 25.00 & 7-8” @ 35.00         wild Rio Atabapo collected oscars; distinctly different from oscars collected in Peru or Brazil

Biotodoma           cupido                                   3.5-4”    28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.      wild Rio Itaya, Peru beauties of very showy, graceful looking earth eater displaying palette of pastel colors

Bujurquina          vittata                                    1.5”         7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.          F1 juves. of ylw & black acara from Mato Grosso, Pantanel, Brazil import  

Caquetaia             spectabilis                            2.5-3”                    15.00                      F2 juveniles of highly attractive, large mouthed, blue spangled & showy species

                                                                            3.5-4”                    20.00                      next size up on F2 grow outs displaying blue spangling

                                                                            5-6”        35.00 or 2 @ 30.00 ea.      lg F1 Rio Tapajos ‘specs’ adults in fully mature coloration

                umbrifera ‘Rio Magdalena F1’    3-3.5” @ 20.00 @ 4-5” @ 75.00 pr  beautifully colored, chunky F1 ‘blue freckled umbies’ from which young sexed pairs can be offered

                     cf. umbrifera ‘Rio Guatape    1.5”       12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.       F2 juves of distinctly different ‘Andean umbie’ originating from Rio Guatape, Antioquia, Colombia

                                                          2-2.5”                    18.00                      next size up on F2 grow out juveniles of gorgeous ‘Andean umbies

Cichla                    pinima                                   5-6”                        125.00                   rare import of wild Rio Jaguaripe, Bahia collected stock-100% pellet trained

                              temensis                                8-9”                        125.00                   beautifully spangled wild Rio Atabapotems’ of beefy size-100% pellet trained

Cichlasoma          amazonarum                       4-5”        20.00 or 2 @ 17.00 ea.      wild Rio Amapari, Brazil young adults; metallic gold & blk scales w/ highly ornate lattice patterned fins                      

Crenicara             punctulata                            1.5”        12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.      wild Peru red/orange finned md growing dwarf ‘checkerboard cichlid’

Crenicichla          cincta                                     8-10”    150.00 or 2 @ 14.0.00 ea.  wild, lg growing, showy red/green Peru pike cichlids in ltd qty only

                              lugubris ‘red Atabapo 1’ 10-11”    140.00 or 2 @ 130.00 ea.  wild adults of stunning solid deep red color- very showy

                              sveni                                      3-4”        15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.      wild gold spangled, md growing attractive Colombian pikes

                              sp. Venezuela                       3.5”                        15.00                      wild juveniles of lg growing species in ltd qty only

Geophagus           brachybrancus                    2-2.5”    15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.      wild Guyana juveniles of md growing, attractive ylw/red earth eater w/ cheek spot

                              camopiensis                         6”                           125.00                   jumbo F1 male; likely the only individual of this uber rare Fr. Guiana species in all the US.  A stunning show fish

                              dicrozoster                           2.5-3”    15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.      wild Colombia earth eater w/ red eyes, red/blue fins, iridescent grn/gold body & blk spot on cheeks

                              sp. ‘red head Tapajos’       1.5-2”    10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.        cb juveniles of ever popular ‘red head Tapajos’ race

                                                                            4-4.5”                   65.00                      lg wild adults in gorgeous color; awesome for breeding stock or show fish

                              steindachneri                       4-4.5”                    20.00                      cb lg adult ‘Colombian red hump Geos’; active, robust, colorful & hardy earth eater

                              sveni                                      3.5-4”    85.00 or 3 @ 80.00 ea.     wild Rio Parana collected rarity; maybe most spectacular earth eater w/ longest streamers

                                                                            5-6”     150.00 or 2 @ 140.00 ea.    wild Rio Araguaia adults already displaying adult coloration & fin extensions

Guianacara         stergiosi                                2-2.5”    12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.     cb ‘bandit acara’ w/ big lateral spot & lots of spangles

Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys                     3-4”        28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.      cb Arroyo Yerbalito, Uruguay race; gold sides w/ red head & fins

                              labiatus                                 3-4”        28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.      cb Rio Olimar/Tres Puentes, Uruguay origin; very showy w/ blue spangles & streaks

                              cf. meridionalis                  2.5-3”    18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.      cbSequiera (Norte), Uruguay’ origin - blue & red stripes w/ gold head

                              cf. rhabdotus                       1.5”        12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.      cb ‘blue neon/Valentines’ of Cantera Ranch in Uruguay origin; iridescent blue striped

Heros                     appendiculatus                    1.5”       15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.       wild ‘Peru turquoise severums’ collected by Lago Moronacocha, Peru; very impressive & beautiful as adult

                              efasciatusrotkeil             1.5”        8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.          cb ‘red shoulder/rotkeil severum’ juveniles

                                                                          2-2.5”                    12.50                      next size up on cbrotkeil severum’ grow outs

                                                                          3.5-4”                    25.00                      cb young adult ‘rotkeil severums’ of super size and color

                              liberifer                                                4-5”        35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.      wild recently described mouth-brooding red spotted severums from Colombia

Hoplarchus          psittacus                                6-7”                        100.00                   wild Colombia ‘parrot cichlids’ of iridescent green/blue w/ red throat

Hypselecara        temporalis                            5-5.5”                    35.00                      cb adult ‘Peruvian chocolate cichlids’; attractive red/purple/green mature colors

Ivanacara            adoketa                                 2-3”                        200.00 pr              wild Rio Uaupes, remarkably patterned, ‘super sized dwarf acara’; crazy impressive at this size

Laetacara            araguaiae                             1-1.5”    15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.      wild ‘buckelkopf/humphead - smiling dwarf acara’ w/ a rainbow of color

Mesoheros            atromaculatum                   3-3.5”    35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.      wild stock from Rio Calima, Choco, Colombia of gorgeous orange/black/yellow lg growing rarity

                              festae                                     1.5-2”                    12.50                      F1 Ecuador ‘red terror’ juveniles; highly coveted, large growing & very colorful

Mesonauta           insignis                                  1.5-2” @ 12.50 & 2.5-3” @ 18.00  wild ‘yellow belly Colombian festivum/flag cichlids’

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi                              1.5”              8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.     wild Colombian ‘blue rams’ of amazing colors

Pterophyllum      altum                                     md/2-3”                50.00                      wild Colombian (real) altum angels of md size available in ltd qty

                              leopoldi                                 2.5-3”    28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.      wild Rio Negro ‘Roman-nosed’ or ‘teardrop angels’ of solid md size

Satanoperca        daemon                                 3-4”        15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.      wild Orinoco earth eater of great size; super showy as adults w/ long streamers

                                                                            4-5”                        25.00                      wild large sized daemon w/ super color & fin extensions

                              leucosticta                            1.5-2”    12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.      F1 Guyana earth eaters known for ornately spangled muzzle and body

                              mapiritensis                       2-2.5” @ 12.50 & 3-4” @ 20.00        wild iridescent green spangled Colombian earth eater w/ profusely spangled face

Tahuantinsuyoa macantzatza                        2.5-3”    28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.      wild, seldom imported ‘stone roller acara’ w/ gorgeous pearl pattern from Rio Aguaytia, Peruvian


                                                                        CENTRAL AMERICAN CICHLIDS


Amatitlania        siquia ‘Rio Animas’            2-2.5”      10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.       F1 juves of red finned, blue/gold barred northern Costa Rica convict

                            siquia ‘Rio Tempisque       1.5”           6.50 or 6 @ 5.50 ea.        F1 juves of blue/orange sided western Costa Rica convicts

                                                                          2-2.5”     10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.       next size up on chunky F1 grow outs

                                                                          3-3.5”                    15.00                      large & impressive F1 males w/ fin extensions & great color

                    siquia ‘Rio Danli, Honduras’    3-3.5”                    25.00                      vividly colored blue Honduran convicts in super size

                         sp. ‘calico/marble convict’   1.25-1.5 6.50 or 6 @ 5.50 ea.        attractively marked juveniles of ‘marbled cons’

Amphilophus       citrinellus ‘Managua’       7-8”        65.00 or 2 @ 60.00 ea.      wild redhead barred San Francisco Libre, Managua ‘barred midas’ adult males

                       citrinellus ‘Rio Tempisque    4-4.5”    18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.      F1 red sided barred midas cichlids from NW Costa Rica

                              labiatus                                 6-6.5”    30.00 or 2 @ 28.00 ea       F1 ylw/orng/white adolescents of captive bred true Lago Nicaraguan ‘red devils’

                                                                            7-8”        40.00 or 2 @ 36.00 ea.      F1 ylw/orng/white young adult Lago Nicaraguan ‘red devils’; very impressive grow outs

                              sagittae                                 1.5”           7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.        F2 juves from the cream sickle colored jumbo pair I breed from previous Lago Xiloa import

                                                                            2-2.5”       10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.      next size up on F2 juveniles from cream sickle colored parents

                                                                            3-3.5”                    15.00                      limited qty available of F2 grow outs

Chiapaheros        grammodes                          1.5-2”    12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.      cb blue & red striped, md growing Mexican guapotes

exCichlasomaistlanum                                2-2.5”                    15.00                      F2 Rio Amacuzac ‘red istlanum’ – gorgeous red & blue spangling

                                                                            3-4”                        25.00                      F2 chunky grow outs/adolescents already displaying super color

                     trimaculatum ‘Rio Naranja   1.25-1.5”               10.00                      ltd qty of F1 Rio Naranja trimac juveniles

                              uropthalmusEncantado’ 1.5”      10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.          wild orange/blue/black ‘Mayan tiger’ juves I collected from Cenote Encantado, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Cincelichthys       bocourti                                7-8”                        80.00                      rare offer – very ltd qty adult males of huge growing, sunset-colored herbivore

                              pearsei                                  12”                         165.00                   rare offer – giant male of show quality

Cryptoheros        nanoluteus ‘Rio Robalo   1-1.5”       8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.        F1 juves. of brightly colored, semi-dwarf from Bocas del Toro, Panama

                              sajica                                     1-1.5”                    8.50                        juveniles of blue and yellow Costa Rica gems

Herichthys           carpintisChairel             3-3.5”    18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.      adolescent chunky grow outs w/ lg turquoise spots

Herotilapia          multispinosa                        1-1.5”                    10.00                      F1 juveniles from vividly colored adults collected outside Limon, CR

Hypsophrys         nematopus ‘Matagalpa’   1.5”            7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.       F1 ‘blue faced neets’ from my collections in Rio Grande de Matagalpa, Nicaragua

                              nicaraguensis                      5-6”                        25.00                      beautifully colored cb adult of Costa Rican ‘macaw cichlids’, pairs available

Maskoheros         regani ‘Rio Sarabia         1.5-2”                    10.00                      rare offer - F1 juveniles of emerald green/red spotted beauties

Parachromis       dovii                                      3-3.5”    18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.      cb chunky grow out sized Nicaraguan ‘blue wolf cichlids’               

                               managuensis                        7-10”                     125.00 pr              one lg breeding pair of attractive black & white jaguar cichlids available              

                              motaguensis ‘red tiger’     3-3.5”    28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.      cb ‘red tiger mots’ in chunky adolescent size already displaying red coloration

                                                                          4.5-5”                    40.00                      cb ‘red tiger mots’ impressively colored young adult males

Petenia                  splendida                              6-6.5”                   35.00                      cb young adult ‘red bay snook’ of super size and color

Theraps                micropthalmus ‘Copan’   1.5-2”       15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.    F1 juveniles red/blue spangled rarity from Rio Copan, Honduras

Thorichthys         maculipinnis                        2.5-3”    12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.      cb orange throated, blue spangled beauties, md growing beauties

                                                                            6-7”                        50.00                      rare offer – very ltd qty of highly impressive jumbo males

                              pasiones                                2.5-3”    15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.      cb yellow throated, blue spangled, high dorsal, largest growing Thor. spp.

Vieja                     bifasciataGrijalva         1.5”          8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.         F1 ‘red bifas’ juveniles from Rio Grijalva, Tabasco, Mexico

                                                                          2-2.5”                    12.50                      ltd qty of chunky F1 grow outs

                              breidohri                              1.5-2”    12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.     juveniles of race with ‘Presa de Augustora’ origin; beautiful pink & blue species

                              fenestrata ‘Rio Antigua’   1.5”         7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.          F1 juveniles of lg growing, colorful and showy species from Veracruz, Mexico

                              melanura ‘Rio Yaxha      1.5”          7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.         juves. of colorful orange/gold/blue ‘Rio Yaxha, Guatemala’ race

                                                                          2-2.5”                    12.50                      next size up on juvenile grow outs of ‘Rio Yaxha melans

                              melanura ‘var. synspila  5”                           35.00                      cb young adults of gorgeous red headed cichlids formerly known as synspila


                                                                VARIOUS OLD WORLD CICHLID SPECIES


Cyrtocara            moorii                                   2.5-3”    15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.      cb juveniles of ‘Malawi blue dolphin Haps’- matures to stunning show cichlid; solid blue w/ nuchal hump

Hemichromis      elongatus                              6”                           35.00                      jumbo males of ‘red belly five spot jewel’ in very ltd qty only

Paratilapia          bleekeri ‘sm. spot’              2.5-3”    15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.      adolescent ‘small spot marakely’ or ‘bleekeri’ – highly attractive Madagascar species

                                                                            5.5-6”                    35.00                      young adults of jet black body covered w/ gold & blue spangles


                                                                NON CICHLID / ODDBALL SPECIES


Chalceus               macrolepidotus                   3-4”        15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.      wild Colombian ‘pink tailed chalceus’; great species to keep in md-lg communities

Compsaraia         samueli                                 7-8”                        400.00 pr              one m/f pair available of rarely imported ‘pelican knife fish’

Laemolyta           taeniata                                 7-8”        55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.     super rarely imported Anostomid with striking thick blue-black horizontal stripe & gold back   

Metynnis               fasciatus                               3-3.5”      35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.    ‘tiger striped silver dollars’; incredibly marked, outstanding in groups, grow to ~ 6”

Mylossoma          duriventre                            2.5-3”      30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.    seldom imported, uniquely deep-keeled wild Brazil silver dollar w/ blood red fins

Myleus              schomburgkii ‘wide bar’   5-5.5”      60.00 or 3 @ 50.00 ea.    wild ‘wide bar/blue hook’ silver dollars of great size & pattern

Osteoglossum      bicirrhosum                         7-8”         50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.    wild silver arowana from Colombia of chunky md size

Piaractus              mesopotamicus                   7-8”          40.00 or 2 @ 35.00 ea.    rare import of ‘ylw belly pacu’, ‘pacu caranha’- looks like giant pacu but grows to only 18”          

Scatophagus        tetracanthus                         3-3.5”    200.00 or 3 @ 185.00 ea.  very rarely imported fresh water ‘African banded scat’- incredible fish

Semaprochilodus laticeps                                3-3.5”    25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.      the reddest-finned ‘flagtails’ from Orinoco River valley

Serrasalmus        compressus                          5-6”        200.00 or 2 @ 190.00 ea.  rarely imported purple/black spotted, red finned piranha

Triportheus         angulatus                              3-3.5”    25.00 or 5 @ 22.00 ea.      triport hatchets’ that grow to super size of 7-8”! Awesome mid-water activity for md-lg communities  


                                                CATFISH SPECIES (INCLUDING FANCY PLECOS)


Ageneiosus           marmoratus                        10”                         125.00                   attractively patterned Peru ‘hammer head catfish’

Aguarunichthys  torosus                                  5-6”                        150.00                   awesome ‘bolt cats’ already displaying remarkable mature spotting & patterns

Ancistrus              sp. ‘albino bristlenose      3.5-4”                    35.00                      awesome large cb large male ‘albino bushynose plecos’, aka Ancistrus sp. (4)

Baryancistrus     subviridis                             2”                           35.00                      L200 ‘green phantom pleco’ - wild Colombian stock on hand

                              sp. L142/LDA033               3”           35.00 or 2 @ 32.00 ea.      Rio Tapajos ‘snow ball plecos’, jet black with lg spot ‘snow ball’ spots

Brachyrhamdia  meesi                              1.5-2” @ 15 ea, 5 @ 12.50 ea. 10 @ 10 ea.  rarely imported ‘dwarf imitator Pim. cats’; very active, attractive, stays small

Cephalosilurus    apurensis                              10”                         200.00                   ‘Apure jelly cat’ of large size and remarkable orange/black mosaic pattern 

Corydoras            cf. araguaiaensis                2-2.5”    35.00 or 6 @ 30.00 ea.      rare import of wild Rio Araguaia Cory, super size w/ big, bold spot pattern

                              species Cw086                     2-2.5”    35.00 or 6 @ 30.00 ea.      rare import of wild, undescribed, Acre-collected iridescent green high dorsal species

Goeldiella            eques                                      4-5”        35.00 or 2 @ 32.00 ea.      attractive, md growing (to 12”) ‘gold horse head Pim cats’

Hemiancistrus     guahiborum                         2.5-3”    15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.      L106 wild ‘spotted orange seam pleco’; hardy, colorful, md growing pleco

                              sp. ‘blue phantom’              4-5”                        50.00                      L128 wild ‘blue phantom pleco’ from Colombia; navy blue w/ white spots

Hypancistrus       debilittera                            2.5-3”                    25.00                      L129 wild ‘Colombian zebra pleco’ in very ltd qty only

                              sp. L201                                2-2.5”    25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.      L201 wild ‘Orinoco angel pleco’; bold white polka dots on jet blk body

Hypostomus         soniae                                    2.5-3”                    28.00                      L137 ‘blue eye red fin plecosfron Rio Tapajos      

Liosomodoras     oncinus                                  4-4.5”                    65.00                      very rare import-even more rare at lg size; incredibly beautiful ‘jaguar catfish’

Lophiosilurus      alexandri                              5-6”                        95.00                      Rio Sao Francisco wild pacman cats; such an unusual, incredibly cool cat!

                                                                            7-8”        115.00 or 3 @ 100.00 ea.  next size up on large wild pacman cats

Panaque                bathyphilus                          8-9”        100.00 or 2 @ 90.00 ea.    L090 Peru ‘white lyre tailed royal pleco’ – gorgeous, lg & showy, highly impressive

                              cf. nigrofasciatus               10”                         200.00                   L330 jumbo ‘watermelon pleco’! 100% fully spotted show specimen

Peckoltia              compta                                  2.5-3”    45.00 or 3 @ 40.00 ea.      L134 wild ‘leopard frog pleco’; a must have for those attempting to breed plecos

                              lineola                                   3.5”        35.00 or 2 @ 32.00 ea.      L202 bold, attractive wide, wavy black bars over a light colored body, hardy & md growing

                              sabaji                                     2”                           30.00                      L075 wild ‘decorus pleco’ from Colombia in ltd qty

Pimelodus            albofasciatus                       5-5.5”    18.00 or 2 @ 15.00 ea.      ‘four lined Pim cats’; active species that mixes well in md-lg community tanks

Pseudancistrus    asurini                                   3.5-4”      45.00 or 2 @ 40.00 ea.    L067 profusely white/yellow spotted w/ yellow trimmed fins

Pseudohemiodon apithanos                             2”           125 or 4 @ 115 ea.             very rarely offered wild ‘chameleon whiptails’ of irresistibly attractive blk/white patterns

Pseudolithoxus    anthrax                                 3”            20.00 or 2 @ 17.00 ea.      L235 ‘white spotted flyer pleco’ – highly unusual/unmistakably unique profile w/ lg pectorals

                                                                            5-6”          40.00 or 2 @ 35.00 ea.    L235 – the largest adults I have ever seen! Magnificent spread of airplane-like, totally spiny pectoral fins

Pseudorinelepis  sp. L095                                10-11”                   225.00                   real Rio Branco ‘orange cheek/orange fin pinecone plecos’ in impressive lg size

Pseudopimelodus bufonis                                3-4”                        35.00                      wild orange & blk banded bee cat from Colombia; beautifully patterned, grow to 12” max

Pseudoplatystoma orinocoense                      5-6”                        85.00                      wild from ‘Colombian tiger shovelnose’ w/ intricate stripes & unique red edged spotted caudal fin

Pterodoras           granulosus                           7-8”    25 ea, 2 @ 20 ea, 3 @ 15 ea.  jumbo growing ‘prehistoric cats’ – awesome show cats; will not eat tank mates

Pterygoplichthys ambrosettii                         10-12”                   65.00                      ‘snow king pleco’ individual of large size; very intricate & attractive pattern

                              gibbiceps ‘albino’               3-4”        28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.      L083 / L165 ‘albino sailfin plecos’ – super showy morph of ivory color w/ red eyes

Squaliforma        emarginata                          5-6”        20.00 or 2 @ 17.00 ea.      L011 ‘red fin thresher pleco’-uniquely stretched body covered in blk spots, red edged tail

Synodontis           decorus                                 2”                           18.00                      cb African cats w/ attractive lg spots

                              eupterus                                5-6”                        35.00                      super sized, ornate African catfish with huge, feathered dorsal fin-great in md-lg communities

Trichomycterus  gabrielli                                                5-6”   28 ea, 3 @ 25 ea, 6 @ 22 ea.   rarely imported Brazilian ‘eel-like cat’; very attractive w/ jaguar spots over entire body


Please be aware that size, price, and availability are subject to change. 

There is no minimum quantity of fish or invoice total for an order.  Please keep in mind that shipping & handling costs plus box and seasonal heat pack charges will be added to your order.


I am promoting FedEx shipping on Friday for Saturday delivery.  The 'special Saturday delivery fee' (average cost of 18.00) that FedEx charges will not be applied to fish orders exceeding 100.00.

The regular FedEx next day priority weekday cost of delivery is still applicable, but customers will no longer be responsible to pay anything extra for this service provided the fish order is over 100.00.   

So for those of you who are only available to accept a package on the weekend, there is no reason to hesitate ordering due to extra weekend delivery costs.

FedEx ‘ground’ or ‘home delivery’ service level does not operate on Saturday-it is only available on weekdays.


FedEx home delivery/ground shipping with next day by end of day delivery is available to most all of NJ, NY, PA, CT, DE, and MD.  Ground rates are extremely reasonable-even for larger orders.  This mode of shipping is applicable in the warmer seasons but not highly recommended during the winter.

FedEx priority AM delivery, standard next day delivery, and 2nd day delivery are available to most all domestic/US destinations.  Please forward your zip code for shipping quotes.

For airport shipped domestic (US) orders:  A 25.00 airport delivery charge is added to all orders.  You must pick up your order directly from the air cargo facility at specified airport. 

For export orders shipped via airport (including all Canada destinations):  Minimum order is $250.00 of fish and there is an additional clearance fee of $186.00 per shipment for US Fish and Wildlife paperwork clearance and inspections. 

Depending on the final destination, some international shipments require the services of an export broker.  This fee is $100.00 per shipment.   A 25.00 airport delivery charge is added to all orders.

European countries requiring Animal Health Certification from the USDA are subject to a 50.00 fee required to obtain this documentation.


For all fish orders over $350.00, I will deduct 5% from the invoice total of fish.  From fish orders exceeding $500.00, I will deduct 10% from the invoice total of fish.


All shipments are sent prepaid by credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover), Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, or money order mailed in advance.

Please allow me to confirm that fish ordered are in stock for all prepaid orders prior to sending funds.


Given the high quality of fish shipped and special care taken to pack safely for transit, losses are very seldom experienced in shipping. 

I guarantee live arrival on FedEx shipments sent and delivered as priority overnight option ‘by 10:30 AM’ – and provided the package is not subject to claim via mishandling by carrier. 

Although I pack safely and successfully for extended transit times, next day delivery via ‘ground shipping/2nd day delivery/standard overnight by end of day delivery’ do not qualify for live arrival guarantee.

I will also guarantee live arrival of fish shipped via same-day air freight to/from airport; provided that flights are on time and shipment is picked up within 2 hours of arrival - and provided the package is not subject to claim due to mishandling by carrier. 

Any claims must be reported on the same day of receipt and photographic proof is required for documentation.  Any credit due will be awarded on your next order-no cash refunds.


Best regards, Jeff Rapps