Tangled Up in Cichlids

Week of November 29, 2021 stock availability

F0 = Wild fish taken from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish of unknown provenance.  

'M/F Pair' = Sexed male and female sold as pair

'Breeding Pair' = Male and Female that have previously spawned successfully

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such.


Listed sizes indicate the range of size in tl (total length) for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy. 


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Central American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Amatitlania septemfasciata 'Rio Corinto' F2

F2 grow outs of rarely offered, small-medium growing, blue-eyed maroon colored gem C.A.R.E.S. species

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

2" f /3" m: $35 (m/f pairs)                                                                                                                             


Amatitlania siquia 'Rio Bagaces' F1

Real F1 grow outs of beautifully colored 'convicts' with bright yellow/orange face & fins over purple/blue body from wild Rio Bagaces, Costa Rican breeders

2.5 - 3": $15 ea. or sexed pairs @ $35 per pair 

Amatitlania siquia 'Rio Tempisque'

CB orange sided/blue faced juveniles from long term tank bred Rio Tempisque, Costa Rican stock

1 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. or 5 @ $10 ea.

Amatitlania sp. 'Honduran red point'

Real 'Honduran red point' grow outs from long term tank bred pure Rio Los Almendros @ Danli breeding colony. Super blue & red, the real thing!

1.5 - 2": $12.50 ea. 

Amatitlania sp. 'Honduran red point' – Leucistic

CB juvenile Leucistic (pink/platinum) bodied Honduran red points with faint blue hues plus red tail & fins

1.5 - 2": $10 ea.

Amphilophus citrinellus 'Lago Nicaragua' F2

Pure bred 'midas cichlids' from original TUIC imported naturtally occuring lake Nicaragua stock. Both, F0 'grandparents' and F1 parents are solid orange. These are the real deal not your farm/tank bred midas! 

1 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Andinoacara coeruleopunctatus 'Rio Claro' F2

F2 juveniles of colorful Costa Rican acara that develop intricate bright blue vermiculations and spangles on face & body and long fin extensions

1 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. or 5 @ $10 ea. 

Astratheros macracanthus 'Rio Los Perros' F2

Uncommon in nature with unique characteristics distinguish it as the only remaining Astatheros species. Grows 10-12" but does well with md growing, md aggression species. Features include robust body shape w/ pastel colors, broad vertical bars w/ pearlscale pattern and orange eyes.

1 - 1.5": $10 ea.

2.5 - 3": $18 ea. 


Cibroheros alfari 'Rio Este' F2

F2 juveniles of Rio Este, Costa Rican beauties

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. 

Cribroheros longimanus 'Rio San Juan' F1

F1 juveniles of colorful gold/yellow bodied violet red breasted beauties bred from wild Rio San Juan Costa Rican stock

2.5 - 3": $20 ea. 

Cribroheros robertsoni

CB juveniles of medium growing, brilliant blue spangled central American sand sifter

1.5 - 2": $10 ea.

Herichthys carpintis

CB juveniles of brilliant electric blue large spotted stock; most similar to the popular 'Escondido' population originally imported by TUIC

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. or 5 @ $12.50 ea. 


Herichthys sp. 'El Salto' F1

Extremely rare offering of potentially undescribed carpintis-like, robust Mexican gem w/ emerald green spangles, black throat, and green striped cheeks. Bred in house from my recently collected wild Rio El Salto, MX breeders.
1.5 - 2": $15 ea. or 6 @ $12.50 ea. 

Herichthys tamasopoensis

Juveniles of bright green, blue spangled beauties that display a striking black/white breeding color

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. or 6 @ $12.50 ea.


Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

CB adolescent multicolored Costa Rican 'macaw cichlid' medium - large growing with mild aggression that feature a rainbow of colors as adults

3 - 3.5": $15 ea. or sexed pairs @ $35 ea. 

Maskaheros regani

CB juveniles of beautifully colored, large growing species featuring emerald green body w/ red spotted scales

2.5 - 3": $20 ea. or 4 @ $18 ea. 

Nandopis haitiensis 'Rio Nigua' F2

F2 Rio Nigua, Dominican Republic 'black nastys'; a large growing, highly interactive, excellent show fish as adults that display black & white patterned body with long trailing fins and huge fan tails. 

1 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. or 5 @ $10 ea.

2 - 2.5": $20 ea.

Nandopsis tetracanthus

Impressive sized adolescent grow outs of black & white mosaic patterned CB 'Cuban' cichlids

3.5 - 4": $35 ea. 

Parachromis manguensis

Juvenile 'Jaguar cichlid' already displaying intricate bold black pattern over golden/yellow bodies

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. or 5 @ $10 ea. 

Rocio octofasciata

Young adult CB aquarium classic 'Jack Dempsey' w/ brilliant blue spangling & purplish colored head on males, and blue cheeks on females

4 - 4.5": $25 ea. 

Tomocichla asfraci 'Rio Guabo' F1

I am humbled and proud to share with my readers an extremely rare offer of adolescent F1 Tomocichla asfraci - collected and bred by a private EU aquarist. T. asfraci is one of, if not the most coveted Central American cichlid species since its debut in the ornamental fish trade just a few decades ago. Only a handful of sporadic, non-commercial breeding occurrences of this species have taken place since its inception into the hobby. The remarkable T. asfraci is restricted to an extremely limited, remote habitat in NE Panama. Their range is confined to a single watershed, consisting of several steeply inclined, short-lengthed streams that drain swiftly down a mountainside into a marine lagoon. This unique Panamanian riverine species displays an attractive orange/red colored body, gold jewel spots with a black collar. They can grow to 8-9" (females) and 12-14" (males). This is an active, strong swimming species that thrives in cooler, well oxygenated environments. They are exclusively available from TUIC at an impressive, robust size.
Please understand that I cannot offer holding of stock, discounts, credits, wholesale pricing, or trades for this species.  These are being offered unsexed. To all of you rare Central American cichlid collectors - this may very well be the sole opportunity of your hobby-time!

4.5 - 5": $450 ea. (unsexed) -  very limited quantity left

Thoricthys meeki

CB grow out 'firemouth' with already impressive deep scarlet red on head & throat and brilliant blue sheen on body

2 - 2.5": $10 ea. 

3 - 3.5": $15 ea. 

Tomocichla tuba 'Rio Fortuna' F1

F1 grow outs of rarely available large growing impressively colorful Costa Rican riverine herbivore

3 - 3.5": $28 ea. 

Trichromis salvini 'Rio Grijalva'

Juveniles from long term captive bred Rio Grijalva(formally Rio Tabasco) MX stock that feature striking red and blue spangled patterns over bright yellow bodies

3 - 3.5": $15 ea. or sexed pairs @ $35 ea.

Vieja breidohri 'Rio Salado' F2

Juveniles of less blocky/more streamlined riverine form of highly colorful sky blue & pink race

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. 

Vieja hartwegi 

Juvenile grow out 'tail bar cichlid'  that develop is to impressive red & blue spotted pattern

3 - 3.5": $18 ea.  

Vieja maculicauda

Juvenile CB 'black belts' a large growing, robust silver body with distinct black "belt" and blood red throat and fins at maturity

4 - 4.5": $20 ea. 

Vieja melanura 'var. synspila'

CB gorgeous 'red head synspila' grow outs that display a rainbow of color w/ extensive red head & ventral coloration at maturity

2.5 - 3":  $15 ea. 

4 - 4.5":  $25 ea. 

South American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Acarichthys heckelii

CB 'threadfin acara' grow outs covered with rows of sparkling diamond spots and long fin extensions

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Aequidens metae 'Rio Atabapo' F0

Wild Colombian 'yellow/orange saddle acara'; a highly colorful, mild tempered  & hardy larger growing acara

2.5 - 3": $18 ea. or 4 @ $15 ea.

Andinoacara pulcher 'Rio Maracas' F2

F2 juveniles of pure Tunapuna–Piarco, Trinidad collected 'blue acara' featuring olive green body covered in bright blue/green spangles on face and body

1.5 - 2" $10 ea. 

Astronotus cf. ocellatus 'Puerto Carreno' F0

Wild juvenile 'orinoco oscars'  collected from Rio Orinoco @ Puerto Carreno; sporting impressive, highly ornate juvenile pattern 

2.5 - 3": $18 ea. or 4 @ $15 ea. 

Astronotus crassipinnis 'Rio Araguaia' F0

Wild Brazilian black & gold banded real Rio Araguaia 'bumblebee oscars'; the most requested and sought after 'oscar'

3.5 - 4": $90 ea. 

5 - 5.5": $115 ea.

Cichla orinocensis 'Mitu' F0 

Wild fantastic sized juveniles of metallic gold/green 'Orino bass' collected at Mitu, Rio Vaupes Colombia. Very limited quantity available

5.5 - 6": $60 ea. - limited avail. 

Cichla pinima 'Rio Tapajos' F0

Gorgeous wild Rio Tapajos bass characterized by endless individual variations of bars/spangling pattern

4 - 4.5": $100 ea. 

Cichlasoma dimerus 'ruta 44' F2

F2 juveniles of Rio Negro, Uruguayan stock (also known as sp. ruta 44 for 'route 44' that crosses over Rio Negro at city of Melo), featuring brilliant gold/bronze and emerald green colored body and black spot at top of peduncle 

1.25 - 1.5": $10.00 ea.

Cleithracara maronii

CB juvenile 'keyhole cichlids' a small growing peaceful species that enjoys the company of small groups of same species 

1.5 - 2": $10 ea.

Crenicichla celidochilus 'Rio Cuareim' F1

Incredibly rare offering of juvenile F1 'black lipped' pike cichlid from wild Rio Cuareim, Uruguay breeding stock

3.5 - 4": $95 ea.

Geophagus argyrostictus 'Rio Xingu' F0

Wild collected Rio Xingu 'blue streak eartheater' that display turquoise blue streak under the eyes and blue spangling around black lateral blotch

3": $55 ea. or 5 @ $50 ea. 

Geophagus cf. brasiliensis 'Laguna de Molle'

CB juveniles from F2 Laguna de Molle, Uruguay stock; jumbo growing, brilliantly turquoise spangled race from Uruguay at its southernmost known limit

1": $10 ea.   

Geophagus megasema 'Rio San Martin, Bolivia'

Uber rare offer of tank bred juveniles from Rio San Martin, Bolivia collected stock; red & blue horizontal striped pattern, huge black lateral spot over golden colored body

2 - 2.5": $55 ea.

Geophagus neambi 'Ro Tocantins' F0

Rarely offered wild collection of brilliantly blue spangled Rio Tocantins gems

2.5 - 3": $45 ea. or 5 @ $40 ea. 


Geophagus pellegrini 'Rio San Juan' F0

Medium sized young adults of wild collected upper Rio San Juan, Choco, Colombia 'Yellow hump head' eartheater

4 - 4.5": $55 ea.  

Geophagus sp. 'Altamira' 'Rio Xingu'  F0

Extremely rare offering of wild, potentially undescribed eartheater from rarely collected area of Altamira, Para state of Brazil in a unique transitional zone between the Brazilian Highland & Amazonian Lowlands

3 - 3.5": $45 ea. or 5 @ $40 ea.

Geophagus sp. 'Rio Sucio' F0

First time US import and TUIC exclusive of new undescribed small-medium growing 'black belt redhump Geo' from Rio Sucio Colombia featuring brilliant gold body and unique large black mid-body vertical band 

3 - 3.5": $100 ea.  

Geopahus steindachneri 'Rio Magdelana' F1

F1 juveniles bred from wild Colombian 'red hump' Geos; medium growing, very hardy species displaying deep red humped heads with sky blue sheen on sides of body

1 - 1.5": $10 ea.


Geophagus sveni 'Rio Araguaia' F0

Large and impressive wild collected young adult sveni from native Rio Araguaia population; maybe most spectacular earth eater of all with longest trailers and impressive red & blue striped body coloring

5.5 - 6": $155 ea. 

6.5 - 7": $175 ea. 

Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura 'Rio San Juan' F2 

Juveniles of incredibly colorful rarely available Rio San Juan Uruguayan earth eater formally known as G. meridionalis; a small growing mild mannered species that is also cool water tolerant

1 - 1.25": $10 ea.

Hypselecara coryphaenoides 'Rio Inirida' F0

Wild juveniles of the rarely imported 'other chocolate cichlid'; the Colombian ‘yellow nape chocolate' 

2.5 - 3": $25 ea. 

Krobia aff. guianensis 'sp. 2 - Oyapock River'

CB juveniles of rarely encountered, potentially undescribed, peaceful 'dolphin acara' from French Guiana with blue, yellow, and red striped cheeks

2.5 - 3": $15 ea.  

Kronoheros cf. umbriferus 'Rio Magdalena' F0

Wild collected highly requested & desirable Rio Magdalena, Colombia - 'blue freckled monsters' one of the largest growing, most impressive of all cichlids. A true show species 

4 - 4.5": $45 ea. (unsexed) - limited quantity avail. 

Kronoheros cf. umbriferus 'Rio Magdalena' F1

Real F1 juvenile Rio Magdalena 'blue' umbie bred from 2021 collected wild breeders

1": $10 ea. 

Laetacara curviceps

Adolescent CB grow outs of peaceful "flag" acara. Brilliant yellow and blue bodies. Perfect for that Amazon community tank

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea.  

3 - 3.5" $18 ea. 

Mesoheros atromaculatus 'Rio San Juan' F0

Fantastic sized young adult males of  wild collected Upper Rio San Juan, extreme south of Choco State, red-orange and black barred Colombian beauties

5 - 5.5": $50 (males)

Mesoheros festae

CB juveniles of gorgeous large growing, and highly requested 'red terror' 

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. - limited avail.

Mesoheros gephyrus 'Rio Calima' F0

Wild Rio Calima from extreme south of Choco State, Colombia; rarely imported juveniles of large growing, brilliant red & blue spangled beauty 

2.5 - 3": $35 ea.  ​

Mikrogeophagus altispinosus 'Pantanal' F0

Wild Pantanal, Mato Grosso 'Bolivian' or 'rainbow rams'; a rare import of cool hardy medium growing 'dwarf cichlid' featuring a literal rainbow of color and personality in a small package. 

1.5 - 2": $20 ea. 

Pterophyllum scalare 'Manacapuru Red Shoulder'

Incredibly colored great sized grow outs of huge-growing, magnificent 'Manacapuru red shoulder angel'. Very impressive super red colored backs when mature making for fantastic centerpiece species 

2.5": $75 ea.

3 - 3.5": $100 ea. 

Satanoperca sp. 'Negro-Alto Orinoco' F0

Wild undescribed Santanoperca sp. from Rio Vaupes Colombia; green face w/ bold vertical bands including a unique mid-lateral partial bar

2.5 - 3": $25 ea.

3.5 - 4": $35 ea.

African / Old World Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Coptodon kottae

CB md growing, gold colored, turning bright yellow & black in spawning dress; endangered species endemic to only 2 lakes in SW Cameroon. C.A.R.E.S species

 2.5 - 3.5": $8 ea.

Chromidotilapia guntheri 'Nigeria'

CB from Nigerian collected stock; attractive pink and yellow colored, remarkably similar in many respects to more familiar S. Am. eartheaters

4 - 4.5": $25 ea. 

Etroplus suratensis

CB juveniles of large growing, highly ornate 'green chromide': a spectacular jewel spotted, less aggressive rarity

2 - 2.5": $20 ea. or 4 @ $18 ea. 

Hemichromis sp. 'turquoise'

CB young adults of ridiculously glowing 'turquoise jewel' cichlid featuring incredible turquoise spangled red body 

3 - 3.5": $15 ea. 

Julidochromis transcriptus 'Pemba'

Juvenile Lake Tanganyika @ Pemba 'Masked Julie'  small growing, torpedo shaped body featuring beautiful dark blue/black mosaic pattern 

2 - 2.5": $10 ea.

Loricariid species (armored catfish & pleco) 
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Baryancistrus demantoides L200 'Rio Inirida' F0

Real Venezuelan 'hifin L200 green phantom' plecos featuring lime green body with pearl colored spot pattern and yellow fins

 4.5 - 5.5": $70 ea.

Hemiancistrus guahiborum L106 'Puerto Carreno' F0

Wild small growing to only about 5" 'spotted orange seam pleco' feature a chocolate colored body with cream colored spots and orange tipped fins 

2.5 - 3.5": $30 ea. 

Leporacanthicus triactis L091 'Rio Orinoco' F0

Remarkable orange/black banded dorsal, adipose, & caudal fins ‘triple beacon pleco’ in a great size

2.5 - 3.5": $50 ea.

Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae 'Rio Ariari' L330 F0

Newly described wild collected Colombian spotted 'watermelon royal pleco' a larger growing super showpiece species currently available in a range of sizes

8 - 9": $100 ea. 

Siluriformes species (other catfish species)
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Ageneiousus magoi 'Rio Arauca' F0

Intricately marked, unmistakingly shaped, remarkable 'Orinoco Dolphin Cat' a rare treat for catfish fans 

5 - 6": $75 ea


Batrochoglanis sp. 2 'Rio Inirida' F0

Rare import of wild Colombian 'bumblebee cat' featuring alternating tan & dark brown vertical bands, large mouth and extra wide head

3.5 - 4.5": $55 ea.

Brachyrhamdia meesi 'Rio Purus'

CB from Rio Purus collected stock. A small growing 3-4" 'Imitator Pim cat' that mimics stripes/eye mask of Corydoras species. Does well in company of multiple individuals

3 - 3.5": $45 ea. 

Corydoras nattereri 'Mage' F0

Wild 'blue cory'; a cool hardy species from Mage @ Rio de Janeiro featuring emerald green body with bright blue lateral line

1.5 - 2": $20 ea. or 5 @ $17 ea. 

Corydoras rabauti 'Leticia' F0

Brilliantly colored 'rust corys' featuring iridescent orange body with violet colored stripe along back from top of head to base of caudal fin

1.5 - 2": $25 ea. or 5 @ $22 ea.

Corydoras weitzmani

Gorgeous golden-brown bodied 'two saddle cory' catfish featuring distinct black blotches over eyes and two 'saddle' marks on back half of body

1.5": $10 ea. 

Liosomadoras oncinus 'Rio Inirida' F0

Remarkably colored with ornate pattern, wild Colombian 'jaguar catfish' available in multiple sizes

4.5 - 5.5": $50 ea. 

Pimelodus pictus 'Leticia' F0

Wild Colombian collected 'Dalmatian spotted' pictus cats; peaceful and active addition (groups welcome) to medium community aquarium

3 - 3.5": $10 ea. 

Characins (Tetra types), Cyprinids (Barb/Carp types)
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Acnodon normani 'Rio Xingu' F0

Wild Rio Xingu 'Sheep head Pacu' an extremely rare treat for Characin collectors. Long slender body featuring vertical bar pattern. Available in a very limited quantity

5": $95 ea.

Anostomus taeniatus 'Rio Vaupes' F0

Wild Colombian collected 'striped headstander'; slender gold colored body with head-to-tail black lateral striped species that uniquely rests nose down in vertical 'headstand' position

3.5 - 4": $20 ea. 

Barbonymus schwanenfeldii F0

Wild Thai collected, large growing 'tinfoil barbs' of robust size; highly regarded for bright red fins with black tips, hardiness, even temperament. Great species for large growing communities

6.5 - 7": $50 ea. or 3 @ $45 ea.


Cyclocheilichthys apogon F0

Super rare import of wild Thai 'beardless barb'; graceful & attractive, 12" growing species w/ black spot-lined, gold body w/ red fins

5 - 5.5": $55 ea. or 3 @ $50 ea. 

Hampala macrolepidota F0

Rare import of large growing, robust, colorful, & active cyprinid; coveted sport fish that amounts to a great larger community species

5 - 5.5": $60 ea. 

Leporinus klausewitzi 'Rio Vaupes' F0

Wild rarely collected Colombian 'clown spotted Leporinus' featuring golden body with four distinct black oval spots along side of body 

2.5 - 3": $25 ea. 

Leporinus moralesi 'Rio Vaupes' F0

Extremely rare import of brilliant shimmering gold body with black lateral bar from mid-body to base of caudal fin; a rare treat for Anostomidae fans

3.5" : $25 ea.

Metynnis fasciatus

Highly requested small-medium growing  CB ‘tiger striped silver dollars’; outstanding when kept in groups and feature incredible tiger stripes as they mature

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. or 6 @ $15 ea. 

Moenkhausia clorophthalma 'Serra do Cachimbo' F0

Rare wild Serra do Cachimbo collected Brazilian gem - gold and purple hued beauties

1.5 - 2": $20 ea. 

Myloplus rubripinnis 'Rio Inirida' F0

Wild Colombian 'red hook' silver dollars - a super asset to larger communities for activity and are a great dither for shy cichlids

3 - 3.5": $28 ea.  or 3 @ $25 ea. 

Neolissochilus stracheyi F0

Rare import of wild Thai collected, large growing 'blue mahseer'; a highly prized species among large growing cyprinid collectors

4 - 4.5": $45 ea. or 3 @ $35 ea. 

7": $75 ea.

Osteochilus waandersii F0

Very rare wild Thailand collected red-finned 'hard-lipped barb' species; 10" max size - very ltd qty

4 - 4.5": $40 ea.

Puntioplites proctozystron F0

Incredibly rare import of Thai high-backed 'Pla Mang' barb; highly impressive & unusual in appearance growing to > 12" - a true collector's barb

5.5 - 6.5": $40 ea. 

North American Native Species
wild unless otherwise noted

Ameiurus natalis F0

Juvenile yellow 'bullhead' catfish a small-medium growing yellow-olive back and sides with bright yellow & white belly an active catfish that would do well in most medium-large aquariums

3 - 3.5": $12.50 ea. 


Ameiurus nebulosus F0

Juvenile brown 'bullhead' cats, a medium growing active swimmer that is tolerant of a broad range of water temps and chemistry

2 - 2.5": $10 ea. 

Micropterus dolomieu F0

Juvenile 'smallmouth bass' - active, easily fed, very competent sight hunter w/ attractive marbled/camo patterns over bronze body

3 - 3.5": $18 ea. - limited quantity avail.

Pomoxis nigromaculatus F0

Wild Haywood Co., NC collected 'black crappie' featuring irregular spaced black blotches overs silvery-green to yellowish flanks and dark green, olive-colored back. fully acclimated to aquarium life eating pellets and frozen foods

2.5 - 3": $15 ea. or 6 @ 12.50 ea. 


Week of November 29, 2021 stock availability

F0 = Wild fish taken from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish of unknown provenance.

'M/F Pair' = Sexed male and female sold as pair.

'Breeding Pair' = Male and Female that have previously spawned successfully.

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such. 


Listed sizes indicate the range of size for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy. 


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