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Tangled Up in Cichlids 
May 25 - 31, 2024 stock availability

TUIC stock list key:

WC = Wild caught fish collected from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish and/or of unknown provenance.  

'M/F Pair' = Individual sexed Male and Female sold as a pair.

'Breeding Pair' = Male and Female that have spawned together under my observation.

Sex of fish:

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specifically listed as such.


Listed sizes indicate the range of size in total length ('TL') for the specifically listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy and are backed by the industries only size guarantee. Most fish will be somewhere between the listed size range. Fish will never be smaller than advertised size (within 1/16th +/- ) but may arrive reasonably upsized due to recent growth.


How To Order & Payment Info.     Shipping Information

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South American Cichlids

click on species name for image (if avail.)

Acarichthys heckelii 'Rio Nanay' WC

Wild Peruvian 'threadfin acara' with amber cheeks/abdomen, orange anal fin, and diamond spotted flanks at maturity

3.5 - 4": $48 ea. 

Aequidens diadema 'Jenaro Herrera' WC

Rarely collected or imported Peruvian 'royal acara' already displaying a rainbow of color

2.5 - 3": $25 ea. 


Andinoacara pulcher 'Electric blue'

Highly requested, perfect sized, chunky 'EBA/ Electric Blue Acara' featuring brilliant iridescent blue bodies available

2.5 - 3": $18 ea. 

Andinoacara rivulatus 'Gold Saum'

Brightly colored CB juvenile 'green terrors' displaying bright blue/green body coloring with orange trimmed fins

1.5 - 2": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Apistogramma sp. D6 - Mitu 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Smaller, slender built yellow & red faced apisto collected from tributary of Rio Vaupes tributary near city of Mitu

1 - 1.5": $25 ea. (unsexed)

Apistogramma sp. D39 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Beautifully colored and recently discovered(2017) dwarf cichlid from upper Rio Vaupes. Also, known as Apistogramma sp. Alto Vaupes I

1 - 1.5": $35 ea. (unsexed)

Apistogramma sp. D50 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Handsome red & blue faced, larger growing apisto collected from Rio Vaupes headwaters 

 1.5 - 2": $25 ea. (unsexed)

Crenicichla zebrina 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild collected juveniles of highly desirable and incredibly colorful Colombian 'zebra pike' 

3 - 3.5": $105 ea. 


Geophagus steindachneri 'Rio Magdalena' F1

F1 Colombian 'red hump' Geos; medium growing, very hardy species displaying deep red humped heads with sky blue sheen on sides of body

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Heros sp. 'red spotted gold'

Highly requested juvenile golden bodied & red spotted severum that mature into colorful, showy gold & red adults

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. 


Hoplarchus psittacus 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild adolescent Orinoco collected, Colombian true 'parrot cichlids' in great size w/ characteristic turquoise color & huge red eyes

3 - 4": $50 ea. 

5 - 5.5": $75 ea. 

Hypselecara temporalis 'Rio Itaya' WC

Wild Peruvian collected 'chocolate' cichlids a robust, richly colored, and mild mannered species featuring red wine & emerald green colored body and blood red eyes at maturity

1.5 - 2": $15 ea. 

Ivanacara adoketa 'Rio Icana' WC

Amazingly colored wild juveniles of small growing (less than 5") colorful amber and turquoise blue faced, black banded 'zebra acara' from the most colorful known, and extremely remote population of Rio Icana @ Colombia/Brazil border

2.5 - 3": $30 ea. 

Kronoheros cf. umbriferus 'Rio Magdalena' F1

True F1 'blue umbie' juveniles from 2022 wild collected Rio Magdalena breeding adults.

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Laetacara dorsiger

Beautiful CB grow outs of peaceful 'red breast acara', featuring brilliant yellow and blue bodies with red edged fins and chest at maturity. Perfect for that Amazon community tank

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. 

Laetacara thayeri 'Rio Negro' WC

Wild collected 'Thayer’s Dwarf Acara' collected from Rio Negro @ Manaus, this is rare offer for small growing acara fans! 

3 - 3.5": $10 ea. 


Lugubria (form. Crenicihcla) lenticulata 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Attractive, spotty-faced juveniles of large growing Colombian 'pike cichlid' featuring a rainbow of color at maturity

8 - 8.5": $75 ea. 


Pterophyllum scalare 'Rio Nanay' WC

Large sized wild caught Peruvian scalare angels  already displaying spotted pattern

3.5 - 4": $65 ea. (6 - 7" tall)​


To place your order, please email:

North ('Central') American Cichlids

click on species name for image (if avail.)



Amatitlania myrnae 'Rio Lari' F2

F2 juvenile Rio Lari, Costa Rican 'topaz cichlid' that display purple and amber/yellow adult coloration. C.A.R.E.S species. 

1.5 - 2": $25 pr. - sexed m/f pairs

Amatitlania nigrofasciata 'Rio Monda'

Juveniles from long-maintained tank bred, Rio Monda, tributary of Rio Aquan, from near westernmost locality on Atlantic slope of Honduras collected 'convicts'; featuring bold black stripe patterned males and impressive blue & yellow base on fins with orange belly on breeding females

2 - 2.5": $25 - sexed m/f/f trios

Amphilophus lyonsi 'Rio Platanal' F2

Juveniles of large growing & less aggressive Amphilophus rarity from Rio Plantanal, Panamanian bred stock that feature colorful orange and black barred pattern and an outgoing personality! C.A.R.E.S species

1 - 1.5": $15 ea. 

Amphilophus trimaculatus 'Rio Tehuantepec'

Juvenile & grow out sizes available of highly requested 'trimac' from 3 spotted, Rio Tehuantepec, Mexico breeding stock from circa 2013 collection featuring  lime green/yellow body with small blue 'sprinkles' on the face and deep red throats

1.5 - 2": $15 ea. 

Cincelichthys bocourti

​Giant growing, yet peaceful and great for large communities; golden body, orange spangled sides w/ multiple vertical black bars

2.5 - 3": $25 ea. 


Cribroheros longimanus 'Rio San Juan'

CB grow out adolescents of colorful gold/yellow bodied violet red breasted beauties bred from Rio San Juan, Costa Rican stock.

3.5 - 4": $45 pr. - sexed m/f pairs


Herichthys carpintis

Gorgeous CB juveniles of brilliant electric blue large spotted stock; most similar to the popular 'Escondido' population originally imported by TUIC

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea.

Herichthys tamasopoensis

Juveniles of lime green, blue spangled beauties that display a striking black/white breeding color

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. or 5 @ $15 ea. 

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

Juvenile & grow out sized, multi-colored, Costa Rican 'macaw cichlid' A medium - large growing species with mild aggression that feature a rainbow of colors as adults.

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. 

3.5 - 4": $20 ea.


Parachromis dovii 'Red'

Juveniles of highly requested, large growing red morph Costa Rican 'wolf cichlids'; offspring from the famously documented breeding pair belonging to 'AquaMojo'

1.5 - 2": $20 ea.


Parachromis managuensis

Juvenile hobby favorite, 'Jaguar' cichlids beginning to display intricate bold black pattern over golden/yellow bodies

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea.  

7": $50 ea.

Rocio octofasciata

Juvenile CB aquarium classic 'Jack Dempsey' that develops brilliant blue spangled bodies & purplish colored heads at maturity.

1.5 - 2": $10 ea.

3 - 3.5": $15 ea.

Thorichthys meeki 'Laguna Coba'

Gorgeous CB 'firemouth' from 2015 Laguna Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico collected breeding stock displaying intense scarlet red head and throat with brilliant blue sheen on body even at smaller size!

1": $10 ea. 

Trichromis salvini 'Rio Grijalva'

Juveniles from long term captive bred Rio Grijalva, Mexican stock that feature striking red and blue spangled patterns over bright yellow bodies at maturity

3 - 3.5": $45 pr.  - sexed m/f pairs

Vieja breidohri 'Rio Salado'

Juveniles of less blocky/more streamlined riverine form of highly colorful sky blue & pink race

1 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. 

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. 


Vieja maculicauda

Juvenile grow outs of large growing 'black belt' featuring silver bodies covered in black 'pepper' spots with distinct black "belt" and blood red throats at maturity

3 - 3.5": $25 ea. 

6 - 6.5": $110 pr. - sexed m/f pairs 

Vieja melanura 'var. synspila'

CB 'red head synspila' grow outs that display a rainbow of color w/ extensive & distinctive red head & ventral coloration at maturity

3 - 3.5": $25 ea. 

9"m / 7"f: $175 pr.  - sexed m/f pair 


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Old World Cichlids (Africa, Madagascar, Asia, etc.)
click on species name for image (if avail.)


Aulonocara hueseri 'Likoma' F2

F2 juveniles of beautiful blue & yellow Likoma Island, Lake Malawi 'midnight peacock' 

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. or 6 @ $15 ea. (unsexed)


To place your order, please email:

Characins (Tetra types), Cyprinids (Barb/Carp types),

Cyprinodontiformes (livebearers), Melanotaeniidae (Rainbowfishes)

click on species name for image (if avail.)


Chalceus macrolepidotus 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild collected Colombian 'pink tail chalceus’ very impressive top water species of great size and deep pink colored tail & fins

3.5 - 4": $25 ea.


Chilodus punctatus 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Wild Colombian collected 'spotted head stander'; a peaceful, small sized, and attractive characin that does well in groups & community planted aquaria

2.5 - 3": $25 - 3 pk. 

Devario aequipinnatus 'Giant danio'

Great sized tank born & raised 'giant danios', large growing, incredibly hardy, and tolerate a wide range of temperature and water chemistries. An excellent dither/target species to the small-medium growing cichlid tank or just a great highly active addition to a peaceful community 

2 - 2.5": $20 - 6 pk. 

Hemiodus vorderwinkleri 'Rio dos Apiacas' WC

Rare offer from first ever trade offering of impressively patterned Anostomid from Rio dos Apiacas; a northern tributary of the Teles Pires, Mato Grosso state of Brazil featuring 3 bold vertical blotches along upper to mid body

3.5": $75  - 1 only

Hyphessobrycon columbianus

Beautiful 'Colombian tetras' featuring mirror like iridescent blue body with impressive red colored fins at maturity. A medium growing, attractive & highly active tetra from extreme northern Colombia

1.5 - 2": $20 - 6 pk.  


Leporinus nijsseni 'Suriname'

CB juveniles of rarely offered Suriname characin w/ red fins and black spots/bands over gold body; these are super exotic options for active medium sized communities and are far less nippy with tankmates.

3 - 3.5": $18 ea.​ 


Leporinus pellegrini 'Rio Tocantins' WC

Rarely imported wild collected Rio Tocantins @ Imperatris Characin featuring alternating black spots and vertical bands over gold body.

3 - 3.5": $50 ea. ​


Leporinus striatus 'Pantanal' WC

Super cool 'striped' characin wild collected from Pantanal, Mato Grosso Brazil featuring torpedo shaped, golden/yellow body with rows of lateral black bands from nose to tail and red lips.

3 - 3.5": $55 ea.

Melanotaenia boesemani

Remarkably striking ½ blue, ½ yellow New Guinea rainbowfish that makes for a mesmerizing display when groups are kept and can shoal together! 

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. 

Metynnis fasciatus 'Rio Capim'

Large size available of highly requested 'tiger striped' silver dollars from Rio Capim, Brazilian collected breeding stock; outstanding when kept in groups and feature incredible tiger stripes!

4.5 - 5": $50 ea. 

Moenkhausia dictyota 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Rare! GORGEOUS & Newly collected from recent exploration of small unnamed tributary of Rio Vaupes, near Mitu featuring silver with blue/green hued body and stunning red/orange fins with black lateral stripe from base of caudal to edge of tail

1.5 - 2": $18 ea. or 10 @ $15 ea. 

Moenkhausia sp. kogal 'Yellow' WC

Absolutely amazing, wild Comodoro, Mato Grosso collected super showy tetra featuring glimmering yellow body with, blue eyes! 

1.5 - 2": $20 ea.

Myloplus rubripinnis 'Leticia' WC

Wild Colombian 'red hook' silver dollars - a super asset to larger communities for activity and are a great dither for shy cichlids.

3.5 - 4": $30 ea.

Paracheirodon innesi

Tank born & raised aquarium hobby staple 'neon tetra' featuring iconic neon blue, red & silver body. A small growing, very peaceful species that look absolutely amazing when kept in large groups

1": $25 - 10 pk. 

Semaprochilodus laticeps 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Perfectly sized wild Colombian collected ‘flagtails’ with black checkerboard pattern on rear of body and black & red striped tails.

4 - 4.5": $40 ea. 

Xiphophorus helleri 'Rio Otapa'

Great sized wild-type 'swordtail' from Rio Otapa, Veracruz, Mexico long-term tank maintained breeding stock displaying brilliant red, blue & yellow bodies with heavy 'pepper spotted' patterns. Perfect for your North/Central American biotope tank

2 - 2.5": $20 - 6 pk.



To place your order, please email:

Siluriformes species (other catfish species)

click on species name for image (if avail.)


Ageneiosus magoi 'Rio Inirida' WC

Intricately marked, unmistakenly shaped, remarkable 'Orinoco Dolphin Cat’, a rare treat for catfish fans.

3 - 4": $45 ea.

Bagroides melapterus

Stunning! Brilliant black & gold marble patterned Indonesian 'harlequin lancer' catfish in large & super impressive show quality size and color

12": $150


Calophysus macropterus 'Rio Amazonas' WC

Peruvian collected 'vulture cat' possessing all the 'giant' cat attributes except titanic size; grows to 18"

3 - 4": $45 ea.  

Corydoras cf. burgessi C121 'Rio Negro' WC

Wild Rio Negro, Colombian collected undescribed C. burgessi-like cory cat featuring unique darkened gill covers with gold 'helmet', black vertical band over eyes, and black dorsal fin with extended black lateral band to top of caudal base

1 - 1.5": $28 ea. 

Corydoras sp. CW 106 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Wild collected 'Mitu cory' featuring vertical black band over face & eyeball and a thick longitudinal black band on its back from dorsal to lower caudal fin

1.5 - 2": $28 ea. 

Leiarius marmoratus 'Rio Nanay' WC

Wild Peruvian 'marble achara' catfish; a large growing, attractive, and showy cat with chocolate brown & tan marble patterned body and huge sailfin like dorsal fin: 

3.5 - 4": $45 ea. 


Notoglanidium macrostoma WC

Impressive, large sized wild Central Africa collected 'dwarf giraffe catfish'; a predatory but peaceful dwarf catfish that mixes will with South American Corydoras, Pimelodus, or similar cats as well as with most cichlids that it cannot easily crab & swallow.

10": $75 - 1 only (super impressive!) 


Pimelodus pictus 'Leticia' WC

Colombian collected 'Dalmatian spotted' pictus cats; peaceful & active addition to medium community aquarium and does well in small groups.

2.5 - 3": $10 ea. 


Pimelodus tetramerus 'Rio Tocantins' WC

A unique offering of Rio Tocantins collected 'striped Pimelodus' featuring multiple dark lateral stripes over golden colored body.

4 - 4.5": $28 ea. or 5 @ $25 ea. 


Rhinodoras gallagheri 'Rio Ariari' WC

Rarely imported, attractively marked, non-predatory Doradid catfish; a real treat for catfish collectors that stays under 10".

5.5 - 6.5": $50 ea.

Sorubim lima 'Rio Amazonas' WC

Wild Peruvian Amazon collected 'duckbill cat' featuring wide, flat head and bold blakc lateral band that runs entire length of body

3.5 - 4": $40 ea. 

Synodontis eupterus

Great sized medium & large African 'featherfin squeaker' catfish displaying long streaming fins with chocolate colored body and black spotted patterns

4 - 4.5": $25 ea. 

7.5 - 8": $50 ea. 


To place your order, please email:

Loricariid species (armored catfish & pleco)

click on species name for image (if avail.)


Baryancistrus beggini L239 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild Upper Rio Orinoco collected beautiful navy blue 'Panaque' from Colombia

2.5 - 3": $45 ea. 

Baryancistrus demantoides L200 ' Rio Orinoco WC

Wild juvenile 'hifin L200 green phantom' plecos featuring lime green body with pearl colored spot pattern and yellow fins

2.5 - 3": $45 ea. 

Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias L240 'Rio Orinoco' WC

White spotted 'vampire pleco' - jet black body & fins covered in large white polka dots

2.5 - 3": $45 ea. 

Leporacanthicus triactis L091 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Remarkable orange/black banded dorsal, adipose, & caudal fins ‘triple beacon pleco’ in a great size

3 - 4": $45 ea. 

Panaqolus albivermis L204 'Rio Ucayali' WC

Great sized, bold pinstripe patterned Peruvian 'flash pleco'

3.5 - 4": $60 ea. 

Pseudohemiodon apithanos 'Rio Guayas' WC

Formally known as P. sp. 'Caqueta'; only recently identified as the true 'chameleon whiptail'; this is the intricately marked, variably patterned, one of a kind specimens available in a limited quantity

7 - 7.5": $75 ea. 


To place your order, please email:

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