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Tangled Up in Cichlids

 Week of January 21 - 27, 2023 stock availability

WC = Wild caught fish taken from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish and/or of unknown provenance.  

'M/F Pair' = Sexed male and female sold as pair

'Breeding Pair' = Male and Female that have previously spawned successfully

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such.

Listed sizes indicate the range of size in 'TL' (total length) for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy.  Most fish will be somewhere between the listed size rangeFish will never be smaller than advertised size (within 1/16th +/- ) but may arrive reasonably upsized due to growth. 


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Central American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Amatitlania sp. 'Honduran Redpoint'

Real 'Honduran red point' juveniles bred from long term kept pure Rio Los Almendros @ Danli CB breeding colony. Super blue & red, the real thing!

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Amphilophus labiatus 'Isla Zapatera'

CB pure 'red devil' juveniles of Isla Zapatera, Lago Nicaragua stock previously and exclusivly imported by TUIC that display the characteristic enlarged lips of true labiatus.

1": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Cribroheros altifrons

Great sized CB juveniles of colorful golden yellow bodied central American sand sifter covered in blue spangles and hues with black vertical mid-lateral band

2.5 - 3":  $15 ea. 

Cryptoheros cutteri

Beautifully colored featuring a horizontal electric blue stripe over brilliant yellow body and vertical black striped pattern on this small-medium growing mild mannered species 

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. 

Herichthys tamasopoensis

Juveniles of bright green/blue spangled beauties that display a striking black/white breeding color

2.5 - 3": $12.50 ea. 

Herotilapia multispinosa

Great sized CB 'rainbow cichlids' - a medium growing, very well behaved & easy to breed species that can be kept in low aggression community

2.5 - 3": $15 ea. 

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

CB adolescent multicolored Costa Rican 'macaw cichlid, A medium - large growing species with mild aggression that feature a rainbow of colors as adults

4.5 - 5": 35 ea. 

Maskaheros argenteus

CB juveniles of majestic, large growing, tall silver bodied species covered in black pepper spotted pattern

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. or 6 @ 12.50 ea.

Nandopsis tetracanthus

Adolescent grow out 'Cuban' cichlid already displaying ornate black mosaic patterns over pearl white colored bodies

3.5 - 4": $25 ea. - 1 male only 

Oscura heterospilus

Juveniles of uncommon & desirable, mild mannered species that displays a rainbow of pastel colors and large black blotch at center of flanks as adult 

1 - 1.5": $15 ea. 

Parachromis dovii 'Red' 

Grow outs of highly requested, large growing Costa Rican red morph 'wolf cichlids' available in a very limited quantity

3.5 - 4": $30 ea. - unsexed

Parachromis managuensis

Juvenile CB 'Jaguar cichlid' beginning to display intricate bold black pattern over golden/yellow bodies

2.5 - 3": $15 - unsexed

4 - 4.5": $30 ea. or Sexed pairs @ $75 pr. 

Thorichthys meeki

CB grow out 'firemouth' with already impressive deep scarlet red on head & throat and brilliant blue sheen on body

1 - 1.5": $10 ea.  

Vieja bifasciatus 'Rio Chacamax' 

CB juveniles of distinctively bright red & yellow colored, massive growing Mexican herbivore

1 - 1.5": $15 ea. 

Vieja breidohri 'Rio Salado' F2    

Juveniles of less blocky/more streamlined riverine form of highly colorful sky blue & pink race

2 - 2.5":  $15  ea.

Vieja melanura 'var. synspila'

CB 'red head synspila' grow outs that display a rainbow of color w/ extensive red head & ventral coloration at maturity

3": $25 ea. 

South American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Acarichthys heckelii

CB 'threadfin acara' golden colored grow outs that become covered with rows of sparkling diamond spots and long fin extentions at maturity

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. or 6 @ $15 ea. 

Acaronia vultuosa 'Rio Inirida' WC

Wild caught, fantastic sized, Rio Inirida 'big-eyed cichlid' w/ distinct war painted face markings over golden body; a rarely imported treat for basket mouth cichlid fans

2 - 3": $30 ea. or 5 @ $28 ea. 

Aequidens metae 'Rio Guaviare' WC

Impressively colored and sized, 'yellow/orange saddle acara from newly offered Rio Guaviare location

2.5 - 3": $25 ea.


Aequidens superomaculatus 'Rio Atabapo' WC

Large sized,  rare and only recently described(2015) brightly colored 'super orange acara' that features a continuous lateral stripe and a solid uninterrupted lateral spot positioned from lateral bad to base of dorsal fin and develops bright orange hues at maturity

a MUST HAVE for acara fans! 

3.5 - 4": $45 ea. 

Aequidens tetramerus 'Rio Meta' WC

Rarely offered wild collected Colombian 'saddle acara', a robust & hardy medium growing species

2.5 - 3": $18 ea. 

Astronotus miklojii 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild collected juveniles of newly described(2022) 'oscars' from Rio Orinoco @ Puerto Carreno; sporting impressive, highly ornate juvenile pattern

2.5 - 3": $20 ea. 

Biotodoma wavrini 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Seldom imported & perfect sized wild Colombian collected peaceful earth eating specialists that develop soft pastel pink, blue, & yellow colors at maturity

2 - 3": $15 ea. 

Bujurquina mariae 'Leticia' WC

Potentially first US commercial import of rarely seen or collected, Rio Amazonas @ Leticia acara available in a limited quantity. A TUIC exclusive!

3.5 - 4.5": $30 ea. 

Caquetaia myersi 'Rio Guyas' WC

Wild collected juveniles of uniquely specialized large-mouthed piscivore featuring, red eyes, bright yellow body from rarely collected Rio Guayas, Colombia

2.5 - 3": $50 ea.

3.5 - 4": $60 ea.

Crenicichla chicha 'Rio Papagaio' WC

Uber rare offering of draw dropping beautiful, multi-colored, medium growing, wild collected pike cichlid from Rio Papagaio, Mato Grosso State of Brazil

3 - 3.5": $200 ea. 

Crenicichla multispinosa 'Suriname' WC

Rare offering of large sized wild Suriname collected 'Suriname Flame Pike' males covered with intense silver spangles over navy blue lateral band along length of body

8.5 - 9": $200 - Limited quantity available

Crenicichla semifasciata 'Pantanal' WC

Adolescents of rarely offered small-medium growing 'pike cichlid' featuring short blunt head and several dark blotches along lateral line

3.5 - 4": $75 ea.

Geophagus altifrons 'Rio Uatuman'

Perfect sized grow outs of large growing eartheater from Rio Uatuman, Brazilian breeding stock

2.5 - 3": $18 ea.

Geophagus cf. brasiliensis 'Laguna de Molle' F2

F2 juveniles from Laguna de Molle, Uruguay stock; jumbo growing, brilliantly turqouise spangled race from Uruguay at its southernmost known limit. A cool water tolerant species that is popular in small patio ponds over the summer and unheated/room temperature aquariums 

1 - 1.5": $8 ea. 

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. 

Geophagus megasema 'Rio San Martin'

CB juveniles bred from Rio San Martin, Bolivia collected stock; red & blue horizontal striped pattern, huge black lateral spot over golden colored body

1.5 - 2": $18 ea. 

Geophagus neambi 'Rio Tocantins' WC 

Rarely offered wild collection of large growing, brilliantly blue spangled, altifrons-like Rio Tocantins gems

3 - 4": $50 ea. 

Geophagus steindachneri 'Rio Magdalena' WC

Wild Colombian 'red hump' Geos; medium growing, very hardy species displaying deep red humped heads with sky blue sheen on sides of body

2.5 - 3": $18 ea. 

Guianacara dacrya 'Roraima' WC

Rare offering of wild collected juvenile hump headed, bandit eye-striped earth eater from far northern state of Roraima along Guyana political boundary

1.5 - 2": $40 ea. 

Hypselecara temporalis

CB ‘chocolate cichlids’ richly colored, mild mannered & showy species featuring red wine colored body and blood red eyes

7 - 7.5": $70 ea. 

Kronoheros cf. umbriferus 'Rio Magdalena' WC

Highly requested & desirable wild collected Rio Magdalena, Colombian - 'blue freckled monsters' one of the largest growing, most impressive of all cichlids and the ultimate show fish!

3 - 3.5": $60 ea. - unsexed

4 - 4.5": $75 ea.  - unsexed

Laetacara fulvipinnis 'Rio Atabapo' WC

Rarely imported colorful Colombian 'smiling acara' with purple-striped face and amber & blue fins available at a great size in a limited quantity

2 - 3": $25 ea.

3.5 - 4": $35 ea. 

Laetacara thayeri 'Rio Negro' WC

Wild collected 'Thayer’s Dwarf Acara' collected from Rio Negro @ Manaus, this is rare offer for small growing acara fans! 

2.5 - 3": $25 ea. 

Mesoheros festae 'Narino' WC

Wild Colombian collected 'red terrors' exclusively collected over several trips from Narino dept. of Colombia in extreme Southwestern most dept. of Col. that forms the political boundary with northwestern Ecuador. A TUIC exclusive! 

3 - 3.5": $75 ea. - unsexed

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi 'Rio Manacacias' WC

Wild Rio Manacacias @ Puerto Gaitán collected, super colored Colombian ‘blue rams’- peaceful, easy to keep, showy species

1 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Pterophyllum altum 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Absolutely amazing wild Orinoco altums in nearly perfect condition with impressive fins and color; some of the nicest ive seen in a long while. (Listed size is body length, not height)

2.5 - 3": $85 ea. 

Pterophyllum leopoldi 'Rio Negro' WC

Wild adolescents of seldom imported, uniquely long nosed, hardy 'Roman nosed' Brazilian angelfish; a rare treat for angelfish fans. (Listed size is body lenghth, not height)

3.5 - 4": $75 ea. 

Pterophyllum scalare 'Rio Nanay' WC

Large, impressive sized, wild collected Rio Nanay 'Peruvian altums' already begging to display adult color & spotted pattern (listed size is body length, not height)

3 - 3.5": $50 ea. 

Pterophyllum scalare 'Rio Xingu'

CB juveniles of rarely offered Rio Xingu Brazilian bred true scalare angels with sharp pointed noses and an already impressive pattern (listed size is body length, not height)

2.5 - 3": $20 ea. or 6  @ $18 ea.

Satanoperca mapiritensis 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Rare offer of Colombian earth eater featuring golden body covered in iridescent green spangles with profusely spangled face at maturity 

3 - 4": $25 ea. 

Uaru amphiacanthoides

CB juveniles of large growing and peaceful but tough 'triangle cichlid' that is often accompanied by oscars, chocolate cichlids, and many characins as common tank mates

2.5 - 3": $25 ea.  

African / Old World Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Heterotilapia buttikoferi 

Juveniles of rarely offered large & robust growing West African tank buster featuring bold, wide black and yellow banded body

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. - Limited quantity available 

Characins (Tetra types), Cyprinids (Barb/Carp types)
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Chalceus macrolepidotus 'Rio Manacacias' WC

Wild collected Colombian 'pink tail chalceus’ very impressive top water species of great size and deep pink colored tail & fins

3.5 - 4": $15 ea. 

Hampala macrolepidota 'Thailand' WC

Rare import of wild collected, large growing, robust, colorful, & active cyprinid; coveted sport fish that amounts to a great larger community species

6 - 6.5": $45 ea. 

8.5 - 9": $65 ea. 

Hemiodus vorderwinkleri 'Rio dos Apiacas' WC

Possible first ever trade offering of impressively patterned Anostomid from Rio dos Apiacas; a northern tributary of Teles Pires, Mato Grosso state of Brazil featuring 3 bold vertical blotches along upper to mid body

2.5 - 3.5": $100 ea. or 3 @ $90 ea. 

Hyphessobrycon melanostichos 'Comodoro' WC

Amazing wild Comodoro, Mato Grosso collected 'Black banded Tetra' displaying bright sky-blue body coloration with bold black longitudinal band from eye to caudal

1.5" $18 ea.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Hyphessobrycon negodagua 'Rio Pratinha' WC

Stunning charcoal colored body that turn jet black when in breeding color surrounded by stark white dorsal & anal fins

1 - 1.5": $15 ea.  

Iguanodectes geisleri 'Rio Negro' WC

Elegant looking slender bodied 'lizard tetra' featuring horizontal red & black bands running from operculum to caudal base. Prefers to be in groups and does well with other small & delicate tetras such as cardinals, dwarf pencil fish, and Mikrogeophagus 

1.5 - 2": $18 ea. 

Leporinus nijsseni

CB juveniles of rarely offered Suriname characin w/ red fins and black spots/bands over gold body; these are super exotic options for active medium sized communities

2.5 - 3.5": $25 ea. 

Leporinus pellegrini 'Rio Tocantins' WC

Rarely imported wild collected Rio Tocantins @ Imperatris Characin featuring alternating black spots and vertical bands over gold body

3 - 3.5": $65 ea. 

Leporinus striatus 'Pantanal' WC

Super cool 'striped' characin wild collected from Pantanal, Mato Grosso Brazil featuring torpedo shaped, golden/yellow body with rows of lateral black bands from nose to tail and red lips

3 - 3.5": $75 ea. 

Myleus cf. schomburgkii 'Puerto Carreno' WC

Super colorful 'wide bar' Rio Orinoco Colombian silver dollars of great size that develop intense red spotting on body maturity

4 - 4.5": $50 ea. 

Myloplus rubripinnis 'Rio Inirida' WC

Wild Colombian 'red hook' silver dollars - a super asset to larger communities for activity and are a great dither for shy cichlids

3.5 - 4": $40 ea. or 6 @ $35 ea.  

Osteochilus waandersii 'Thailand' WC

Wild Thailand collected red-finned 'hard-lipped barb' species; 10" max size - very ltd qty

4 - 4.5": $28 ea.

Pseudochalceus kyburzi 'Rio Dagua' WC

Rare offer of 'pink spot Choco tetra' a unique & robust pink spotted tetra that grows to about 4"

3 - 3.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Semaprochilodus laticeps 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Large sized Colombian ‘flagtails’ with black checkerboard pattern on rear of body and black & red striped tails

3.5 - 4": $35 ea. 

Utiaritichthys sennaebragai 'Rio Papagaio' WC

Extremely rare offer and potentially first US offering of wild collected, medium growing 'Pacu' displaying brilliant silver body with yellow tint and becomes enveloped in large red patches at maturity

2.5 - 3.5": $100 ea. - limited quantity available

Siluriformes species (other catfish species)
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Ageneiosus magoi 'Rio Arauca' WC

Intricately marked, unmistakenly shaped, remarkable 'Orinoco Dolphin Cat' a rare treat for catfish fans

6": $75 ea. 

Corydoras cf. brevirostris CW027  'Rio Inirida' WC

Perfect sized and brilliantly colored wild Colombian collected 'high-fin cory' that feature an extra tall dorsal fin and a bright 'glow spot' on the top of head in front of dorsal

2 - 2.5": $20 ea. 

Corydoras melini  'Rio Ariari' WC

Wild collected small growing (less than 2") Colombian 'false bandit cory' cats that feature cream colored body with vertical black band running through the eyes and a lateral black band from dorsal to caudal fins

1.25 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Corydoras pulcher 'Labrea' WC

Impressive wild Labrea cty, Amazonas state collected 'pretty cory' featuring bright orange line from eye to tip of extra tall first dorsal ray and dual black spotted lateral lines

2.5 - 3": $35 ea. 

Corydoras robustus 'Rio Madeira' WC

Large sized 'robust cory' wild collected from Rio Madeira, Humaitá featuring bronze colored vertical band from eye and along the first ray of its extra tall dorsal fin

3 - 3.5": $55 ea.

Corydoras seussi 'Rio Mamore'  WC

Impressively colored and boldly patterned wild collected cory cat from Rio Mamore @ Guajará Mirim, Rondonia State where far eastern political boundary of Brazil & northern Bolivia meet

2.5 - 3": $35 ea. 

Pimelodus pictus ' Rio Orinoco' WC

Colombian collected 'Dalmatian spotted' pictus cats; peaceful & active addition to medium community aquarium and does well in smal groups

2.5 - 3": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10 ea. 

Pimelodus tetramerus 'Rio Tocantins' WC

Unique offering of Rio Tocantins collected 'striped Pimelodus' featuring multiple dark lateral stripes over golden colored body

3 - 3.5": $50 ea. 

Rhinodoras gallagheri 'Rio Ariari' WC

Rarely imported, attractively marked, non-predatory Doradid catfish; a real treat for catfish collectors that won't grow <10"

5.5 - 6.5": $65 ea. 

Loricariid species (armored catfish & pleco) 
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Ancistomus snethlageae L141 'Rio Tapajos' WC

Fantastic sized 'ghost pleco' featuring silver-white body covered in rows of fine black spots and thick white trimmed fins

3.5 - 4": $40 ea. 

Ancistrus claro LDA-008 'Rio Claro' WC

Attractive and fun-sized, wild collected from type locality Rio Claro, Mato Grosso 'gold marbled' bristlenose pleco; a small growing algae eating super species!

2 - 2.5": $50 ea. 

Baryancistrus demantoides L200 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild juvenile 'hi fin L200 green phantom' plecos featuring lime green body with pearl colored spot pattern and yellow fins

4 - 4.5": $55 ea. 

Baryancistrus xanthellus L177 'Rio Xingu' WC

Incredible wild Rio Xingu L177 'yellow seam gold nugget' displaying large bright yellow spots and thick yellow trimmed fins

3.5 - 4": $40 ea.


Dekeyseria picta L052 'Rio Atabapo' WC

Beautiful small growing (under 6") wild collected 'Atabapo butterfly pleco' featuring alternating chocolate brown and cream colored vertical bands

2.5 - 3": $18 ea.  

Hypostomus faveolus L037 'Rio Tocantins' WC

Wild great sized adolescents of distinctive patterned 'honeycomb pleco' from Rio Tocantins collection

5 - 5.5": $70 ea.

Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias L240 'Rio Inirida' WC

White spotted 'vampire pleco' - jet black body & fins covered in large white polka dots

3 - 4": $80 ea.

Leporacanthicus sp. L473 'Rio Atabapo' WC

Single specimen of rare & unique wild collected 'Dottyback Vampire Pleco' featuring jet black body with several white polka dots on dorsal and caudal fins

8": $100 - 1 only

Leporacanthicus triactis L091 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Remarkable orange/black banded dorsal, adipose, & caudal fins ‘triple beacon pleco’ in a great size

2.5 - 3": $50 ea. 

Megalancistrus parananus L113 'Pantanal' WC

Adolescents of incredibly rare & seriously spiny, robustly built, ‘Mega pleco' that are completely covered with odontodes like an aquatic porcupine! A must have for the serious pleco collector

13 - 14": $625 ea.  

Parancistrus sp. LDA046 'Rio Tocantins' WC

Medium sized, robustly built, wild collected Rio Tocantins 'wormline /tiger striped chubby' plecos displaying incredibly bold pattern on its 'chubby' body. This species as unique ability to randomly change from this brown color as shown to an incredible bright yellow color!

3.5 - 4": $45 ea. 

Parotocinclus maculicauda 'Magé' WC

Rare wild Mage, Rio De Janeiro collected red finned, spotted Oto cats; peaceful and attractive option for an excellent algae eating powerhouse

1.5 - 2": $18 ea.


Pseudohemiodon apithanos 'Rio Guayas' WC

Formally known as P. sp. 'Caqueta'; only recently identified as the true 'chameleon whiptail'; this is the intricately marked, variably patterned, one of a kind specimens in very limited quantity

6 - 6.5": $85 ea. 

Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps

Single large sized & impressive specimen of hardy, large growing pleco that make for a great companion with most larger aggressive species

10": $25

Scobinancistrus cf. pariolispos L048 'Rio Xingu' WC

Impressive Rio Xingu 'gold spotted cloud pleco' showy, large growing species with gold polka dots over black body & fins

2.5 - 3": $50 ea. 


              Week of January 21 - 27, 2023 stock availability


​WC = Wild caught fish taken from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish and/or of unknown provenance.

'M/F Pair' = Sexed male and female sold as pair.

'Breeding Pair' = Male and Female that have previously spawned successfully.

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such. 


Listed sizes indicate the range of size for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy of smallest listed size. Most fish will be somewhere between the listed size range. Fish will never be smaller than advertised size (within 1/16th +/- ) but may arrive reasonably upsized due to growth.  .


  How to order      Shipping information

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