Tangled Up in Cichlids

Week of August 2, 2021 stock availability

F0 = Wild fish taken from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish of unknown provenance.  

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such.


Listed sizes indicate the range of size in tl (total length) for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy. 


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Central American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Amatitlania myrnae 'Rio Lari' F2

F2 juveniles of Rio Lari, Costa Rican 'topaz cichlid' beginning to display purple and amber/yellow adult coloration. C.A.R.E.S species

2.5 - 3": $15 ea. (males only) 

Amatitlania nanolutea

CB juveniles of Panamanian 'yellow convict'. Small growing seldom available yellow gems. C.A.R.E.S Species

1 - 1.5": $15 ea.

Amatitlania septemfasciata 'Rio Corinto' F2

F2 grow outs of rarely offered, sm-md growing, blue-eyed maroon colored gem C.A.R.E.S. species

1.5 - 2": $18 ea. 

Sexed pairs @ $40 per pair                                                                                                                                 


Amatitlania siquia 'Rio Bagaces' F1

Real F1 grow outs of beautifully colored 'convicts' with bright yellow/orange face & fins over purple/blue body from wild Rio Bagaces, Costa Rican breeders

2 - 3": $18 ea. 

Sexed pairs @ $40 per pair 

Amphilophus istlanus

A rainbow colored species that can potentially compete well with larger tank mates. These are house bred juveniles of the beautiful 'red form'  C.A.R.E.S species

2 - 2.5": $18 ea.

Amphilophus labiatus 'Isla Zapatera' F3 

CB pure 'red devil' juveniles of Isla Zapatera, Lago Nicaragua stock displaying characteristic enlarged lips of true labiatus

3.5 - 4": $25 ea. 

Astratheros macracanthus 'Rio Los Perros' F2

Uncommon in nature with unique characteristics distinguish it as the only remaining Astatheros species. Grows 10-12" but does well with md growing, md aggression species. Features include robust body shape w/ pastel colors, broad vertical bars w/ pearlscale pattern and orange eyes.

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Cribroheros alfari 'Rio Este' F2

F2 juveniles of Rio Este, Costa Rican beauties

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. 

Cribroheros longimanus 'Rio San Juan' F1

F1 juveniles of colorful gold/yellow bodied violet red breasted beauties bred from wild Rio San Juan Costa Rican stock

2.5 - 3": $20 ea. 

Cryptoheros cutteri

CB medium growing with vertical black striped pattern displaying horizontal electric blue stripe over yellow body

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Herichthys carpintis

CB juveniles of brilliant electric blue, large spotted stock; most similar to the popular 'Escondido' population originally imported by TUIC

1.5 - 2": $10 ea.

Herichthys sp. 'El Salto' F1

Extremely rare offering of potentially undescribed carpintis-like, robust Mexican gem w/ emerald green spangles, black throat, and green striped cheeks. Bred in house from my recently collected wild Rio El Salto, MX breeders.
1 - 1.5": $15 ea. 

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

CB adolescent multicolored 'macaw cichlid' medium - large growing with mild aggression that feature a rainbow of colors as adults

3 - 3.5": $18 ea.

4 - 4.5": $28 ea. 

Maskaheros regani

CB juveniles of beautifully colored, large growing species featuring emerald green body w/ red spotted scales

2 - 2.5": $18 ea.

Nandopis haitiensis

CB 'black nastys' large growing, highly interactive, excellent show fish as adults that display black & white patterned body with long trailing fins and huge fan tails. 

1 - 1.5": $12.50 ea. or 5 @ $10 ea. 

2 - 2.5" $20 ea. (unsexed)

Nandopsis tetracanthus

Impressive CB juveniles displaying intricate black & white mosaic patterns

1.5 - 2": $10 ea.

Parachromis dovii

Giant growing predatory 'wolf cichlid' bred from CB Costa Rican stock that display intensive blue coloring with heavy spotted pattern as they mature. A true show species for the large aquaria

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Parachromis dovii 'Red'

Grow outs of highly requested, red morph wolf cichlids available in a very limited quantity

2.5 - 3" $35 ea. 

Parachromis managuensis

Young adult breeding pair of beautiful 'jaguar cichlid' displaying bold black mosaic pattern over golden/yellow bodies 

6" Female / 10.5"male: $150 

Parachromis motaguenis 'Rio Blanco' F3

CB juvenile real 'red tigers' from pure Rio Blanco Honduran stock

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. (unsexed)

Petenia splendida

CB wild 'green' form juveniles of large growing; huge mouth 'Bay Snook' a low aggression species that makes a great addition for large species community tanks

3.5 - 4": $18 ea. 

Thorichthys meeki

CB 'firemouth' already with deep scarlet red on head and throat with blue sheen on body. Very impressive colors

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. 

Tomocichla tuba 'Rio Fortuna' F1

F1 grow outs of rarely available large growing impressively colorful Costa Rican riverine herbivore

2.5 - 3": $28 ea. 

Vieja breidohri 'Rio Salado' F2

Juveniles of less blocky/more streamlined riverine form of highly colorful sky blue & pink race

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. 

Vieja hartwegi 

Juvenile grow out 'tail bar cichlid'  that develop is to impressive red & blue spotted pattern

2.5 - 3.5": $18 ea.  

Vieja maculicauda

Juvenile CB Black belts. Large growing silver bodied with distinct black "belt" and blood red throat

4": $20 ea. 

Vieja melanura 'var. synspila'

CB gorgeous 'red head synspila' grow outs that display a rainbow of color w/ extensive red head & ventral coloration at maturity

2" - 2.5": $15 ea. 

South American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Acarichthys heckelii 

Great sized CB grow out 'threadfin acaras' covered with rows of sparkling diamond spots and long fin extensions 

2.5 - 3": $18 ea. or 6 @ $15 ea.

Andinoacara pulcher

CB juvenile wild-type 'blue acaras' displaying incredible brilliant blue spangling on body & vermiculations on the face

2.5 - 3": $10 ea. 

Andinoacara rivulatus

CB brightly colored juvenile 'green terrors' already displaying bright blue/green and orange coloring

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. 

Astronotus crassipinnis 'Rio Araguaia' F0

Wild Brazilian black & gold banded real Rio Araguaia 'bumblebee oscars'; the most requested and sought after 'oscar'

3.5 - 4": $90 ea. 

5 - 5.5": $115 ea.

Cichla ocellaris 'Rio Parana' F0

Wild chunky red-eyed 'butterfly peacock bass' from Rio Parana, Brazilian population - exceedingly beautiful, very rarely available species. limited quantities available

4.5 - 5": $130 ea.

Cichla pinima 'Rio Tapajos' F0

Gorgeous wild Rio Tapajos bass characterized by endless individual variations of bars/spangling pattern

4 - 4.5": $115 ea. or 4 @ $110 ea. 

Cichlasoma dimerus 'Bella Union'

CB grow outs of emerald colored ovaline bodied acara from F2 Rio Uruguay 'Bella Union', Uruguay stock

2 - 2.5": $10 ea. 

Cleithracara maronii

CB juvenile 'keyhole cichlids' a small growing peaceful species that enjoys the company of small groups of same species 

1.5": $10 ea.

Crenicichla celidochilus 'Rio Cuareim' F1

Incredibly rare offering of juvenile F1 'black lipped' pike cichlid from wild Rio Cuareim, Uruguay breeding stock

3.5 - 4": $120 ea.

4.5 - 5": $135 ea. 

Geophagus abalios

CB young adult high-backed green & red showy earth eater that sport impressive fin filaments as adults

5" - 6": $35 ea.

Geophagus argyrostictus 'Rio Xingu' F0

Wild collected Rio Xingu 'blue streak eartheater' that display turquoise blue streak under the eyes and blue spangling around black lateral blotch

3": $50 ea. 

Geophagus brachybranchus

CB grow outs of incredibly rare & stunning red striped, black throat Suriname species available in a very limited quantity

2.5 - 3": $45 ea. 

Geophagus brasiliensis

CB young adults of brilliantly blue spangled, large growing & robust eartheaters. A great centerpiece fish or as a mild mannered large community cichlid

3 - 3.5": $20 ea. or 5 @ $18 ea.

Geophagus cf. altifrons 'Rio Araguaia' F0

Large wild collected potentially undescribed altifrons-like species featuring bold electric blue upper lip & lower jaw line and small black lateral blotch

5.5 - 6": $200 ea.

Geophagus neambi 'Ro Tocantins' F0

Rarely offered wild collection of brilliantly blue spangled Rio Tocantins gems

2.5 - 3": $50 ea. 

Geophagus sp. 'Altamira' 'Rio Xingu'  F0

Extremely rare offering of wild, potentially undescribed eartheater from rarely collected area of Altamira, Para state of Brazil in a unique transitional zone between the Brazilian Highland & Amazonian Lowlands

3 - 3.5": $45 ea. or 5 @ $40 ea. 

Geophagus sp. 'Red head Tapajos'

CB juveniles of highly requested medium growing eartheater featuring bright red heads and electric blue striped tails

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. 

Geopahus steindachneri 'Rio Magdelana' F1

F1 juveniles bred from wild Colombian 'red hump' Geos; medium growing, very hardy species displaying deep red humped heads with sky blue sheen on sides of body

1": $10 ea.


Geophagus sveni 'Rio Araguaia' F0

Wild collected adult sveni from native Rio Araguaia; maybe most spectacular earth eater of all with longest trailers and impressive red & blue striped body coloring

6 - 6.5": $200 ea. or 4 @ $195 ea.


Gymnogeophagus balzanii

CB juveniles of gorgeous yellow belly/sided hump headed delayed mouthbrooding earth eaters

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. or 4 @ $12.50 ea. 

Heros cf. efasciatus 'rotkeil'  'Rio Nanay'  F1

F1 juveniles of colorful and highly requested Peruvian red shoulder 'Rotkeil' severum bred from wild adults imported by TUIC

1.5 - 2": $15

Hypselecara temporalis

Great size CB grow outs of richly colored ‘chocolate cichlid’ a mild mannered & showy species featuring red wine colored body and blood red eyes

2.5 - 3": $20 ea.

3.5 - 4": $30 ea. 

Ivanacara adoketa

Rarely offered tank raised juveniles of small growing  <5" colorful amber faced, black banded 'zebra acara'

1.5 -2":  $28 ea. or 5 @ $25 ea. 

Krobia aff. guianensis 'sp. 2 - Oyapock River'

CB juveniles of rarely encountered, potentially undescribed, peaceful 'dolphin acara' from French Guiana with blue, yellow, and red striped cheeks

1.5 - 2": $15 ea. 

Krobia itanyi

CB juveniles of  incredibly rare Suriname 'Dolphin acara' featuring yellow body with black blotchy lateral band, black caudal blotch and turquoise stripes on face. Very limited

2 - 2.5": $22 ea. or 5 @ $20 ea.

Kronoheros cf. umbriferus 'Rio Magdalena' F0

Wild collected highly requested & desirable Rio Magdalena, Colombia - 'blue freckled monsters' one of the largest growing, most impressive of all cichlids. A true show species

2.5 - 3": $25 ea. (unsexed)

Mesoheros atromaculatus 'Rio San Juan' F1

CB F1 juveniles of large growing, red-orange and black barred beauty from Upper Rio San Juan, Choco, Colombian stock

2.5 - 3": $20 ea. 

3.5 - 4": $30 ea.

Mesoheros festae

CB juveniles of gorgeous large growing, and highly requested 'red terror' 

1": $10 ea. 

Mesoheros gephyrus 'Rio Calima' F0

Wild Rio Calima in extreme south of Choco State, Colombia; a rarely imported juveniles of large growing, brilliant red & blue spangled beauty 

2 - 2.5": $30 ea. or 4 @ $28 ea. ​

Mesonauta sp. 'Manapiare'

CB juveniles of extremely rare potentially undescribed 'Flag Cichlid' from the Manapiare district, state of Amazonas, in Venezuela

1.5 - 2": $15 ea. 

Mikrogeophagus altispinosus 'Pantanal' F0

Wild Pantanal, Mato Grosso 'Bolivian' or 'rainbow rams'; a rare import of cool hardy medium growing 'dwarf cichlid' featuring a literal rainbow of color and personality in a small package. 

1.5 - 2": $22 ea. or 5 @ $20 ea. 

Satanoperca acuticeps 'Rio Tapajos' F0

Unique 'four spotted earth eaters' from Rio Tapajos wild collection sporting absolutely amazing spangled lime colored bodies and extra tall dorsal fins will long into streamers already developing

3 - 3.5": $50 ea. 

African / Old World Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Coptodon kottae

CB md growing, gold colored, turning bright yellow & black in spawning dress; endangered species endemic to only 2 lakes in SW Cameroon. C.A.R.E.S species

 2 -3": $10 ea.

Chromidotilapia guntheri 'Nigeria'

CB from Nigerian collected stock; attractive pink and yellow colored, remarkably similar in many respects to more familiar S. Am. eartheaters

3 - 4": $30 ea. 

Etroplus suratensis

CB juveniles of large growing, highly ornate 'green chromide': a spectacular jewel spotted, less aggressive rarity

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. 

Heterotilapia buttikoferi

Great sized grow outs of rarely offered bold, wide black and yellow banded West African tank buster

4.5 - 5": $50 ea. 

Julidochromis transcriptus 'Bemba'

Juvenile Lake Tanganyika @ Bemba 'Masked Julie'  small growing <3" torpedo shaped body featuring beautiful mosaic pattern 

1.5 - 2": $10 ea.

Loricariid species (armored catfish & pleco) 
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Baryancistrus demantoides L200 'Rio Inirida' F0

Real Venezuelan 'hifin L200 green phantom' plecos featuring lime green body with pearl colored spot pattern and yellow fins

3 - 3.5": $55 ea. 

4 - 4.5": $65 ea.

5 - 5.5": $75 ea. 

Pseudohemiodon apithanos 'Rio Guayas' F0

Formally known as P. sp. 'Caqueta'; only recently identified as the true 'chameleon whiptail'; this is the intricately marked, variably patterned, one of a kind specimens in very ltd qty

7 - 7.5": $90 ea.

Scobinancistrus cf. pariolispos L048 'Rio Xingu' F0

Rio Xingu 'gold spotted cloud pleco' showy, large growing species with gold polka dots over black body & fins

3.5  - 4": $75 ea.

Siluriformes species (other catfish species)
click on species name for image (if avail.)


Brachyrhamdia meesi 'Rio Purus'

CB from Rio Purus collected stock. A small growing 3-4" 'Imitator Pim cat' that mimics stripes/eye mask of Corydoras species. Does well in company of multiple individuals

3 - 3.5": $45 ea. 

Corydoras nattereri 'Mage' F0

Wild 'blue cory'; a cool hardy species from Mage @ Rio de Janeiro featuring emerald green body with bright blue lateral line

1.5 - 2": $20 ea. or 5 @ $17 ea. 

Corydoras sp. CW010 'Peru Orange Stripe Cory'

Peaceful highly desirable, Peruvian 'orange laser' Cory cat featuring a shimmering gold colored body with nearly fluorescent orange horizontal stripe from head to tail

1 - 1.5": $18 ea. or 3 @ $15 ea.

Dianema longibarbis 'Rio Purus' F0

A hardy and very peaceful mocha brown with black spotted body catfish that does well in a mild community tank and will hold its own with many larger less aggressive cichlid species

3.5": $50 ea.  


Leiarius marmoratus 'Rio Nanay' F0

Wild Peruvian 'marbled cat'. A large growing and spectacular show cat with an intricate 'marble' pattern, large sail like dorsal fin, and super long barbels. A very active catfish that is peaceful(provided it cannot swallow tankmates) that does well with other catfish and large cichlids.

14": $125 ea.

Pimelodus pictus 'Colombia' F0

Colombian collected 'Dalmatian spotted' pictus cats; peaceful and active addition (groups welcome) to medium community aquarium

3 - 3.5": $10 ea. 

Rhinodoras gallagheri 'Rio Meta' F0

Rarely imported, attractively marked, non-predatory  'Orinoco thick lip catfish'; a real treat for catfish collectors that won't grow >10"

5 - 6": $125 ea.

7 - 8": $150 ea.​

Tenellus cristinae 'Rio Guaviare' F0

Very recently described, unique wild Colombian 'blacktop mouse cat'; a md growing < 8", peaceful, diligent substrate that will interact well in groups

4 - 4.5": $45 ea. or  5 @ $40 ea. 

Characins (Tetra types), Cyprinids (Barb/Carp types)
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Acnodon normani 'Rio Xingu' F0

Wild Rio Xingu 'Sheep head Pacu' an extremely rare treat for Characin collectors. Long slender body featuring vertical bar pattern. Available in a very limited quantity

3.5 - 4": $100 ea.

Barbonymus schwanenfeldii F0

Wild Thai collected, large growing 'tinfoil barbs' of robust size; highly regarded for bright red fins with black tips, hardiness, even temperament. Great species for large growing communities

5.5 - 6": $50 ea.

Cyclocheilichthys apogon F0

Super rare import of wild Thai 'beardless barb'; graceful & attractive, 12" growing species w/ black spot-lined, gold body w/ red fins

5 - 5.5": $50 ea. 

Hampala macrolepidota F0

Rare import of large growing, robust, colorful, & active cyprinid; coveted sport fish that amounts to a great larger community species

6 - 6.5": $50 ea.

Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi

CB 'black neons' a hardy and attractive addition to communities that can do well with dwarf or peaceful cichlids as well as the planted aquaria

1.5": $20 (groups of 8)

Leporinus fasciatus 'Rio Nanay' F0

Boldly banded yellow and black Anostomid from Peru; great addition to active md community

5 - 6": $30 ea. 

Moenkhausia clorophthalma 'Serra do Cachimbo' F0

Rare wild Serra do Cachimbo collected Brazilian gem - gold and purple hued beauties

1.5 - 2": $22 ea. 

Neolissochilus soroides F0

Rare import of wild Thai collected, large growing 'pink-scaled mahseer' formally described as 'Tor soro'; highly prized among lg cyprinid collectors

3.5 - 4": $45 ea.

6 - 6.5": $75 ea.

Osteochilus waandersii F0

Very rare wild Thailand collected red-finned 'hard-lipped barb' species; 10" max size - very ltd qty

3.5 - 4": $40 ea.

Puntioplites falcifier F0

Incredibly rare import of Thai high-backed 'sickle fin barb'; highly impressive & unusual in appearance - a true collector's barb

6.5 - 7.5": $50 ea. 

Pygopristis denticulata 'Puerto Gaitan' F0

Rarely available piranha that is highly colorful and may be kept in groups - including other silver dollars, catfish, plus some semi-aggressive cichlids

3 - 3.5": $45 ea.

North American native species
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Ameiurus natalis

Juvenile yellow 'bullhead' catfish a small-medium growing <15" yellow-olive back and sides with bright yellow & white belly an active catfish that would do well in most medium-large aquariums

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Ameiurus nebulosus

Juvenile brown 'bullhead' cats, a medium growing < 20" active swimmer that is tolerant of a broad range of water temps and chemistry making for a great aquarium species

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 


Morone americana

Young adult uncommonly available 'white perch' North America's 'barramundi' look-a-like without the massive size. Very limited quantity available

5.5 - 6": $20 ea.





Week of August 2, 2021 stock availability

F0 = Wild fish taken from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish of unknown provenance.  

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such. 


Listed sizes indicate the range of size for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy. 


  How to order      Shipping information