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Tangled Up in Cichlids

  December 2 - 8, 2023 stock availability

WC = Wild caught fish collected from nature.

F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish and/or of unknown provenance.  

'M/F Pair' = Individual male and female sold as pair

'Breeding Pair' = Male and Female that have previously spawned successfully

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such.

Listed sizes indicate the range of size in 'TL' (total length) for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy.  Most fish will be somewhere between the listed size rangeFish will never be smaller than advertised size (within 1/16th +/- ) but may arrive reasonably upsized due to growth. 


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Central American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Amatitlania nanolutea

Unsexed juveniles of highly requested Panamanian 'yellow convict'. Small growing seldom available bright yellow gems. C.A.R.E.S species

1 - 1.5": $15 ea. 

Amatitlania sp. Honduran redpoint

Real 'Honduran red point' juveniles bred from long term kept pure Rio Los Almendros @ Danli  CB breeding colony.

Super blue & red, the real thing!

1 - 1.5": $10 ea.

Amphilophus trimaculatus 'Rio Tehuantepec'

Juvenile & grow out sizes available of highly requested 'trimac' from 3 spotted, Rio Tehuantepec, Mexico breeding stock from circa

2013 collection featuring lime green/yellow body with small blue 'sprinkles' on the face and deep red throats. Bred from progeny

of Mo Devilin's(AquaMojo) world famous pair

2 - 2.5": $20 ea. (unsexed)

Cribroheros alfari 'Rio Carana' F1

Single male grow out of gorgeous Costa Rican gem featuring red face with electric blue spangles on cheeks & head over a brilliant

gold colored body

6.5": $80 sexed male - 1 only

Cribroheros longimanus 'Rio San Juan'

CB grow out adolescents of colorful gold/yellow bodied violet red breasted beauties bred from Rio San Juan, Costa Rican stock

2.5 - 3": $10 ea. 

3.5 - 4": $20 ea. 

Cryptoheros cutteri

CB juveniles of medium growing with vertical black striped pattern displaying horizontal electric blue stripe over yellow body

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Herichthys carpintis

Gorgeous CB juveniles of brilliant electric blue large spotted stock; most similar to the popular 'Escondido' population originally imported by TUIC

2 - 2.5": $12.50 ea. or 6 @ $10  ea. 


Herichthys tamasopoensis

Juveniles of bright green/blue spangled beauties that display a striking black/white breeding color

3 - 3.5": $18 ea. or 6 @ $15 ea. 

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

Juvenile & grow out sized, multi-colored, Costa Rican 'macaw cichlid' A medium - large growing  species with mild aggression that feature a rainbow of colors as adults

1 - 1.5": $10 ea.

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. 

4": $35 sexed male - 1 only

Mayaheros urophthalmus

Single grow out 'Mayan cichlid' featuring beautiful orange body with wide black vertical bar pattern and extra large caudal spot 

4": $15

Nandopsis haitiensis 

CB juvenile 'black nastys'; a large growing, highly interactive, excellent show fish as adults that display black & white patterned body with long trailing fins and huge fan tails. 

2 - 2.5": $20 ea. - unsexed

Nandopsis tetracanthus

Juvenile 'Cuban' cichlids that mature to an impressive ornate black mosaic pattern over pearl white colored bodies

1 - 1.5": $18 ea. 

Parachromis managuensis

Juvenile hobby favorite, 'Jaguar' cichlids beginning to display intricate bold black pattern over golden/yellow bodies: 

1.5 - 2": $12.50 ea.

Parachromis motaguensis 'Rio Blanco'

Juvenile 'red tigers' from Rio Blanco breeders that mature to ornate red and black patterned beauties

3 - 3.5": $20 ea. - unsexed

4 - 4.5": $50 ea. - sexed males only - limited quantity available

Rocio octofasciata

Juvenile CB aquarium classic 'Jack Dempsey' that develop brilliant blue spangled bodies & purplish colored heads at maturity. The parents produce electric blue offspring so these carry the 'blue' Dempsey gene. 

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. 

2.5 - 3": $15 ea.

Thorichthys meeki

Gorgeous CB 'firemouth' displaying intense scarlet red head and throat with brilliant blue sheen on body even at smaller size! 

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Trichromis salvini 'Rio Grijalva'

Juveniles from long term captive bred Rio Grijalva(formally Rio Tabasco) MX stock that feature striking red and blue spangled

patterns over bright yellow bodies at maturity

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. 

Trichromis salvini

Beautiful adolescent m/f pair from mixed population captive bred stock with impressive color & patten!

3.5": $40 sexed m/f pair - 1 only


Vieja maculicauda

Adolescent grow outs of large growing 'black belt' featuring silver bodies covered in black 'pepper' spots with distinct black "belt"

and blood red throats at maturity

5 - 5.5" $30 ea. or sexed pairs @ $75 pr. 

Vieja melanura 'var. synspila'

CB 'red head synspila' grow outs that display a rainbow of color w/ extensive red head & ventral coloration at maturity

4 - 4.5": $20 ea. 

5 - 5.5": $45 ea. unsexed or sexed pairs @ $100 pr. 

South American Cichlids
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Acarichthys heckelii

CB 'threadfin acara' golden colored grow outs that become covered with rows of sparkling diamond spots and long fin extentions at maturity

3 - 3.5": $18 ea. 

Acaronia vultuosa 'Rio Inirida' WC

Wild caught, fantastic sized, Rio Inirida 'big-eyed cichlid' w/ distinct war painted face markings over golden body; a rarely imported

treat for basket mouth cichlid fans

2 - 2.5": $20 ea.

Andinoacara latifrons 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild Rio Orinoco, Vichada department collected 'blue acara' a gorgeous, mild-mannered, easy to keep and breed species covered in turquoise blue spangles 

2.5 - 3": $20 ea.  

Andinoacara pulcher

Juveniles of  'wild type' blue acaras from long term captive bred Trinidad breeding stock featuring impressive olive green body

covered in bright blue/green blue spangling & vermiculation on the face and body

3 - 3.5": $15 ea. 

Apistogramma cf. alacrina 'D18' 'Rio Guayas' WC

Wild Rio Guayas, Caqueta dept. collected large & robust growing blue-faced Apisto and is one of the largest growing Apistogramma

2 - 2.5": $35 ea. - limited quantity of sexed males only

Apistogramma sp. D39 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Beautifully colored and recently discovered(2017) dwarf cichlid from upper Rio Vaupes. Also, has been referred to as Apistogramma

sp. Alto Vaupes I

1 - 1.5": $30 ea. 

Astronotus sp. Jurua 'Rio Caqueta' WC

Wild collected undescribed 'Oscar' from Rio Caqueta provenance currently displaying ornate juvenile swirl patterns and later mature

into gorgeous black & tan band pattern with rows of bright red lateral spotting on rear flanks

1.5 - 2": $12.50 ea.

3 - 3.5": $20 ea.

Australoheros sp. 'Local'  F1

F1 juveniles of undescribed 'chanchito' collected on the family ranch of the late Felipe Cantera near Canada El Local, Valentines, Uruguay. Similar to sp. 'Red Ceibal'.  Males grow to  7" for males and smaller for females

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Bujurquina syspilus 'Leticia' WC

Rarely seen or collected species collected from Rio Amazonas @ Leticia at the political borders of Brazil Colombia, and Peru

3.5 - 4": $35 ea. 

Cichlasoma dimerus 'Arroyo Chelsea' F1

A mild-mannered acara from east of Constitucion in Salto Department of northwestern Uruguay. A population that has only ever been collected once!

1 - 1.5": $10 ea.

3 - 3.5": $20 ea. 

Cichasoma dimerus 'Bella Union' F2

F2 grow outs of brilliant emerald colored ovaline bodied acara from Bella Union, Uruguay stock  

1.5 - 2": $12.50 ea.

Cichlasoma dimerus 'Rio Cuaro' F1

1st time offer of medium-sized of beautifully blue colored acara from North Central Uruguay

1 - 1.5":  $10 ea. 

Cichlasoma orinocense 'Rio Meta' WC

Wild collected Rio Meta, Casanare dept. 'Orinoco cichlasoma' featuring bronze colored body with bold black checkered pattern along

rear flanks

2.5 - 3": $20 ea. 

Cichlasoma sp. 'ruta 44' F2

F2 juveniles from F1 Uruguayan breeding stock, featuring brilliant gold/bronze and emerald green colored body and black spot at

top of peduncle collected from unnamed Rio Negro tributary along 'ruta 44' between cities of Melo to jut east of Ansina 

1": $10 ea. 

Geophagus abalios 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild collected juveniles of larger growing, high-backed green & red showy earth eater with striped tails that sport impressive fin filaments as adults

3 - 3.5": $18 ea. 


Geophagus brasiliensis

Juveniles of blue spangled, large growing & robust Brazilian eartheaters that make a great centerpiece fish or can mix well as a mild mannered large community cichlid

2.5 - 3": $15 ea. 

Geophagus cf. brasiliensis 'Laguna De Molle' F2

F2 juveniles from Laguna de Molle (oxbow of Rio Yaguaron), Uruguay stock; jumbo growing, brilliantly turqouise spangled race from Uruguay at its southernmost known limit

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Geophagus pellegrini 'Rio Atrato' WC

Wild collected 'Yellow hump head' Geo juveniles from rarely offered northern Rio Atrato collection

2 - 2.5": $35 ea. 

Geophagus pellegrini 'Rio San Juan' WC

Wild collected upper Rio San Juan, Choco, Colombia "Yellow hump head' Geos. available in fantastic large young adult size 

5.5 - 6.5": $75 ea.

Geophagus pyrocephalus 'Rio Tapajos' F1

F1 juveniles of recently described 'red head Tapajos' from my 2022 wild collected stock

1.5 - 2": $18 ea. 

2.5 - 3": $25 ea. 

Gymnogeophagus balzanii

CB adolescents of highly requested, yellow belly/sided hump headed delayed mouthbrooding, cool water tolerant earth eaters. 

2.5 - 3": $28 ea. 

Hyspselacara temporalis

CB grow outs of  richly colored, mild mannered ‘chocolate cichlids’ featuring red wine colored body and blood red eyes

4.5 - 5": $35 ea. 


Kronoheros cf. umbriferus 'Rio Magdalena' F1

True F1 'blue umbie' juveniles from 2022 wild collected Rio Magdalena breeding adults 

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 


Laetacara fulvipinnis 'Rio Atabapo' WC

Rarely imported colorful Colombian 'smiling acara' with purple-striped face and amber & blue fins available at a great size 

3.5 - 4": $20 ea. 

Laetacara thayeri 'Rio Negro' WC

Wild collected 'Thayer’s Dwarf Acara' collected from Rio Negro @ Manaus, this is rare offer for small growing acara fans! 

3 - 3.5": $15 ea. 

Lugubria lenticulata 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Attractive, spotty-faced juveniles of large growing Colombian 'pike cichlid' featuring a rainbow of color at maturity

7.5 - 8.5": $75 ea. 

Mesoheros atromaculatus 'Rio Atrato' WC

Wild collected adolescents from rarely offered northern Rio Atrato population

4 - 5": $50 ea. 

Mesoheros atromaculatus 'Rio San Juan' WC

Juveniles of wild collected Upper Rio San Juan, extreme south of Choco State, red-orange and black barred Colombian beauty

2 - 2.5": $35 ea. 

Mesoheros festae 'Narino' F1

F1 juveniles from 2022 TUIC exclusive collection of wild Colombian Narino dept. collected 'red terrors'

1 - 1.5": $15 ea.

Mikrogeophagus altispinosus

Large sized and impressive, CB 'Bolivian' or 'rainbow rams'; a md-lg growing 'dwarf cichlid' featuring a literal rainbow of color and personality in a small package and is hardy in cooler temps as well

2.5 - 3": $15 ea.

Pterophyllum scalare 'Leticia' WC

Wild collected from Rio Amazonas @ Leticia; the political borders of Brazil Colombia, and Peru each meet. This population of

scalare angels feature hints of shimmering blue spangles and a unique black blotch just behind the eye.

2 - 2.5": $18 ea. 

Pterophyllum scalare 'Rio Nanay' F1

F1 juvenile Rio Nanay 'Peruvian  spotted altum' begging to display adult color and will develop a spotted pattern at maturity

1.5 - 2": $18 ea. 

Satanoperca daemon 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Stunning wild Colombian collected juvenile 'threespot eartheaters' that develop super impressive trailers on fins at maturity

4 - 4.5": $35 ea. 

Satanoperca leucosticta 'Rio Demerara' WC

RARE! Real wild Rio Demerara, eastern Guyana collected juveniles of rare and peaceful jurupari-like 'Whitespot eartheater' species that matures to a heavily white-silver spangled face and body at maturity. These are the real Guyana Shield leucosticta! 

1.5 - 2": $50 ea. 

2.5 - 3": $70 ea. (unsexed)

3.5 - 4": $90 ea. (unsexed)

Satanoperca maripitensis 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Large sized western Colombia collected earth eater featuring golden body covered in iridescent green spangles with profusely spangled faces and orange lips available in a limited quantities

5.5 - 6.5": $75 ea.

Old World Cichlids (Africa, Madagascar, Asia, etc).
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Chindongo demasoni 'Pombo Rocks'

Beautiful CB growouts from Pombo Rocks, Lake Malawi, Tanzania breeding stock featuring alternating verticle bands of black and extreme blue for both males and females

2 - 2.5": $15 ea. 

Heterotilapia buttikoferi 

Juveniles of rarely offered large & robust growing West African tank buster featuring bold, wide black and yellow banded body

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. 

Labridochromis caeruleus 'Lions Cove'

Great sized, incredibly bright colored, aquarium favorite bred from Lion's Cove, Lake Malawi breeding stock. These 'electric yellow

labs' are mild mannered, easy to care for species that does well in groups of its own as well as many other cichlid species

2 - 2.5": $10 ea. 


Metriaclima fainzilberi 'Maison Reef'

CB  'Zebra Chilumba' grow outs from Maison Reef, Lake Malawi breeding stock featuring beautiful baby blue bodies with dark navy

blue vertical stripes and black-masked faces

2.5 - 3": $15 ea. 

Rubricatochromis exul

Absolutely gorgeous pure bred light orange/red 'Turkana Jewel' that turn to a intense, electric glowing, orange/ red color when in

breeding color! A very showy species! 

2 - 2.5": $15 ea.

Rubricatochromis lifalili 'Congo Red'

CB 'dwarf Congo red jewels' ridiculously glowing red body covered w/ turquoise jewel spots a very colorful addition to mild

mannered community tanks

2.5 - 3": $15 ea. 

Characins (Tetra types), Cyprinids (Barb/Carp types), Cyprinodontiformes (livebearers), Melanotaeniidae (Rainbowfishes)
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Hemigrammus coeruleus 'Rio Negro' WC

Wild import of brilliant pink striped Brazilian 'watermelon tetra' from Rio Negro @ Manaus ; a colorful and acrive species where

breeding males are scarlet red with blue face!

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. 


Leporinus nijsseni 'Suriname'

CB juveniles of rarely offered Suriname characin w/ red fins and black spots/bands over gold body; these are super exotic options for active medium sized communities

3 - 3.5": $20 ea. 

Leporinus pellegrini 'Rio Tocantins' WC

Rarely imported wild collected Rio Tocantins @ Imperatris Characin featuring alternating black spots and vertical bands over gold


3 - 3.5": $50 ea. 

Leporinus striatus 'Pantanal' WC

Super cool 'striped' characin wild collected from Pantanal, Mato Grosso Brazil featuring torpedo shaped, golden/yellow body with

rows of lateral black bands from nose to tail and red lips

3 - 3.5": $60 ea.

Metynnis fasciatus 'Rio Capim'

Highly requested small-medium growing CB ‘tiger striped silver dollars from long-term kept Rio Capim, Brazilian breeding stock; outstanding when kept in groups and feature incredible tiger stripes as they mature

1.5  - 2": $18 ea. or 6 @ $15 ea. 

Metynnis maculatus

CB juveniles of  'spotted metynnis' silver dollars, featuring bold black spots over shimmering silver body and red anal fin

1.5 - 2": $15 ea. 

Moenkhausia sp. kogal 'Yellow' WC

Absolutely amazing, wild Comodoro, Mato Grosso collected super showy tetra featuring glimmering yellow body with, blue eyes! 

1.5 - 2": $25 ea.

Myloplus rubripinnis 'Leticia' WC

Wild Colombian 'red hook' silver dollars - a super asset to larger communities for activity and are a great dither for shy cichlids

3 - 3.5": $25 ea. 

Semaprochilodus laticeps 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Perfectly sized wild Colombian collected ‘flagtails’ with black checkerboard pattern on rear of body and black & red striped tails

3.5 - 4": $28 ea. or 4 @ $25 ea. 

Siluriformes species (other catfish species)
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Ageneiosus magoi 'Rio Inirida' WC

Intricately marked, unmistakingly shaped, remarkable 'Orinoco Dolphin Cat' a rare treat for catfish fans

3 - 4": $45 ea. 


Corydoras concolor 'Rio Orinoco' WC

Wild juvenile 'slate cory' catfish featuring pewter/slate colored body with bronze/green colored cheeks & tail, and with mature adult

males displaying an extra tall bronze colored dorsal fin

1 - 1.5": $10 ea. 

Corydoras loxozonus 'Rio Ariari' WC

Attractive, fun-sized, bronze colored body covered with black pepper spots and black band on back that looks like a reversed

checkmark starting at top of dorsal and down to tip of lower caudal fin

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. or 6 @ $8 ea

Corydoras melini 'Rio Ariari' WC

Wild collected small growing Colombian 'false bandit cory' cats that feature cream colored body with vertical black band running

through the eyes and a lateral black band from dorsal to caudal fins

1.5 - 2": $10 ea. or 6 @ $8 ea

Corydoras schultzei 'Black'

Spectacular CB juveniles of German created, Peruvian 'Black Schultzei' displaying midnight black body and maroon colored fins

& tail

1 - 1.5": $25 ea. 

Corydoras sp. CW106 'Rio Vaupes' WC

Wild collected 'Mitu cory' featuring vertical black band over face & eyeball and a thick longitudinal black band on its back from

dorsal to lower caudal fin

1.5 - 2": $30 ea.


Corydoras weitzmani

Gorgeous golden-brown bodied 'two saddle cory' catfish featuring distinct black blotches over eyes and two 'saddle' marks on

back half of body

1.5 - 2": $15 ea. 

Notoglanidium macrostoma WC

Impressive, large sized wild Central Africa collected 'dwarf giraffe catfish'; a predatory but peaceful dwarf catfish that mixes will

with South American Corydoras, Pimelodus, or similar cats as well as with most cichlids that it cannot easily crab & swallow

10": $100 - 1 only (super impressive!) 

Pimelodus pictus 'Leticia' WC

Colombian collected 'Dalmatian spotted' pictus cats; peaceful & active addition to medium community aquarium and does well in

smal groups

2.5 - 3": $10 ea. 

Pimelodus tetramerus 'Rio Tocantins' WC

Unique offering of Rio Tocantins collected 'striped Pimelodus' featuring multiple dark lateral stripes over golden colored body

4 - 4.5": $35 ea. 

Rhinodoras gallagheri 'Rio Ariari' WC

Rarely imported, attractively marked, non-predatory Doradid catfish; a real treat for catfish collectors that won't grow >10"

5.5 - 6.5": $55 ea. 

Loricariid species (armored catfish & pleco) 
click on species name for image (if avail.)

Ancistomus snethlageae L141 'Rio Tapajos' WC

Fantastic sized 'ghost pleco' featuring silver-white body covered in rows of fine black spots and thick white trimmed fins

3 - 3.5": $30 ea. 


Baryancistrus xanthellus L177 'Rio Xingu' WC

Incredible wild Rio Xingu L177 'yellow seam gold nugget' displaying large bright yellow spots and thick yellow trimed fins

3.5 - 4": $55 ea. 

Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus

Large sized, long term tank raised 'Vermiculated Sailfin pleco' displaying ornate body pattern and white striped fins

12": $30


December 2 - 8, 2023 stock availability


​WC = Wild caught fish collected from nature.

​F1 = First generation fish spawned from wild fish.

F2 = Second generation spawned from F1 fish.

CB = F3 or greater; tank raised fish and/or of unknown provenance.

'M/F Pair' = Individual sexed male and female sold as pair.

'Breeding Pair' = Male and Female that have previously spawned successfully.

Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are unsexed unless specified as such. 


Listed sizes indicate the range of size for the listed species as measured from smallest to largest of the actual current stock and are guaranteed to be within 1/16th +/-  of an inch of accuracy of smallest listed size. Most fish will be somewhere between the listed size range. Fish will never be smaller than advertised size (within 1/16th +/- ) but may arrive reasonably upsized due to growth.  .


  How to order      Shipping information

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