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I have not seen (or it is no longer) listed but, do you have/still have ‘such or such’ species in stock?

Negative. If it is not on list or has been removed from the list, then it is sold out, not in stock, or is no longer for sale. My stock list changes weekly.  Stock comes in and after a few rounds of medications and quarantine the stock is then put up for sale and begins to be shipped out. Every usable gallon of water in here is needed. I think of tank space like real estate (and this is northern NJ real estate is expensive!) So, I do not keep fish around because I just want to have them as pets when they are then using up valuable tank space a.k.a. ‘real estate’.  The longer a fish requires tank space here than the less fish I can import in for resale. I have no “waiting list”, no “on hold” list, no “secret list for friends” of any kind. What I have is what is on the list. Although I do have some species that are bred here in-house my stock is mostly consists of wild imported stock. So, it is not likely that I have hundreds of a specific species continually on hand at any one time. It is likely a few dozen of each at a time and many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the US. So, if you see it and want it. Get it before it is gone.

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