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Live Arrival Guarantee

Given the high quality of fish shipped and special care taken to pack safely for transit for 20 - 24hours, losses are rarely experienced in shipping.

The following terms and conditions apply to my guarantee:

I guarantee live arrival on UPS shipments sent and delivered as UPS Next Day Air Delivery option ‘10:30 AM’ (‘12:00pm’ in some extended service regions) provided the package is not subject to claim via mishandling by the carrier. Damaged packages must be filed by the customer at time of delivery with the delivery driver from UPS (only the receiver can file this damage claim).

When a shipping label is created in my UPS system you (and I) instantly receive an automatic email notification directly from UPS with your packages tracking number (If you do not see this email by 3:00 pm eastern time please check your spam box). In this email you will have a notice to confirm that the shipping information is correct. If a typo has occurred, I must be notified before 5:00 pm Eastern Time of the mistake. After 5:00 pm Eastern Time I can no longer make changes. You are responsible for checking the information and confirming via email that the information is correct before the package ships at 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Failure to do so voids the Live Arrival Guarantee in the event of a typo leading to a late or misdelivered package. If I do not receive shipping notice confirmation from you I will assume the information is correct and the package will ship as scheduled. You (and I) will receive additional emails directly from UPS called 'exception notices' throughout your packages transit time as it gets scanned at each hub or destination including the moment it is delivered. It is your responsibility to check the tracking number(I do not track your package after they have been shipped) for delivery times and are required to be available to accept physical delivery of your live animal(s). Failure to receive your package on UPS's first delivery attempt will also void the Live Arrival GuaranteeIf you see any delays in the tracking information while in transit, please email me and I will reach out to UPS to see if I  can receive and then relay any details. 


In the very rare event that the fish you have ordered are delivered on time and are dead on arrival (DOA) and all procedures to file the claim are followed correctly I will gladly replace and reship (free of charge) or issue you a credit on your purchase if the species are no longer in stock. Any credit will be awarded on your next order. In the event that 1 or 2 fish out of group of several of the same or of different fish have arrived DOA I will often only credit back for the single losses and not reship the replacements. The decision is at my discretion. Often  the costs of reshipping 1 or 2 singles out of an entire group will far exceed the value of the replacements and possibly even supersede the entire sale of the original order. If the decision is made to ship the single losses I may require the customer to then cover any shipping charges for the replacements.

In the event that your fish are delivered exceptionally late (as in the next day or later) and are DOA I will also will gladly replace the fish (free of charge) or issue you a credit on your purchase if the species are no longer in stock. Again, any credit will be awarded on your next order. However, this type of DOA claim is out of my control and shipping is not covered under this circumstance. You will have to file a claim as the recipient with UPS as the receiver of a late package.  Any shipping charges for the replacements are to be paid by the client.

To qualify as DOA; the fish must be dead. Dead on arrival means it is dead in the bag when you open the shipping container. If you open the bag and have added the fish to your aquarium you no longer have a claim.  Breathing heavily, inactive or not moving, pale, “looking dead” etc., do not count as dead on arrival.  Even if the fish appear to be almost deceased, you must attempt to acclimate it. Stress caused by shipping can often cause fish to appear lifeless in their bags, but they may be revived by proper acclimation techniques. Some species travel better than others. If they are breathing when they arrive it is highly likely they can be revived. Contact me immediately via email for help acclimating a fish that looks like it may be in trouble upon arrival. Any acclimation method used that is not my recommended procedure will automatically void any consideration for reimbursement. (see recommended acclimation procedure page)

You are required to take possession of your live animals immediately from UPS upon delivery. Failure to receive your package on UPS's first delivery attempt will also void the Live Arrival Guarantee. Any DOA claims must be reported within 1 hour of receipt. Receipt is determined at time of delivery as documented electronically by the UPS delivery scan. This includes delivery to a UPS Center being held for pickup(not the time you receive it from the UPS center). This is why it is imperative that you are physically present to receive the package when it is delivered. 

The delivery scan must be at its original destination.  In the event the destination was changed, altered, or forwarded after shipment this typically delays delivery or can even add an extra day of transit time thus voiding the guarantee. This includes changing/forwarding the delivery location to a UPS center. Any claims due to packages being left outside for extended periods of time in extreme weather (temperatures greater than 90f degrees or lower than 50f) are void.  

Claims must be made within 1 hour of delivery and MUST be accompanied by 3 clear digital photographic or video documentations. Photographic or video documentation of the perished fish must 1: include the dead fish in the original closed bag as it arrived. the bags can be held upside down to view the animal. 2: an additional photo and/or video of it out of water and on top of the bag it was delivered where I wrote the species name on the bag and 3: be accompanied by a photo of the UPS tracking label on the outside of the box. This method is non negotiable. I do not honor any other vendors live arrival guarantee or any procedure they use to file a claim. Failure to follow any of this method will make any consideration for reimbursement null and void. Claims made that do not include all of the above requirements will not be addressed in any manner until the proper procedure is followed. Any email not containing a photo or video will not be acknowledged. If you contact me after 1 hour or with no photos or video no reimbursement will be considered. 


After 1 hour of delivery and/or once the fish have been released from the shipping bag into the client’s aquarium, I am no longer responsible for death of the fish, as these circumstances are beyond my control and have too many variables to consider (time left in box(s), acclimation procedures, water chemistry or temperature, existing tankmates, etc.). Any claims made after 1 hour of delivery will not be considered for reimbursement of any kind. You must notify me immediately if a fish is DOA or is in serious trouble when it arrives. 

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