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Tangled Up in Cichlids

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Welcome to the Tangled Up In Cichlids web page. Posted below is a spread sheet of immediately available fish listed by latin name with size, price, and a brief description of each species.

Following the stock list are select photos highlighting just some of the many beautiful and rare species currently available.

TANGLED UP IN CICHLIDS STOCKLIST FOR WEEK OF MARCH 19TH 2018 email: jeff.tuic@gmail.com, phone: 908-387-9858    
  (Total Length in Inches)(in USD $)(Wild fish include the word 'wild' in description, 'F1' = 1st generation stock bred from wild collected adults, 'cb' = captive bred of unspecified generation)
Acarichthysheckelii4-5"35.00 ea.cb Peruvian 'thread fins' of super size, color, & impressive filaments on fins
Aequidenstetramerus2.5-3"15.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare 'saddled acara'- juveniles of large growing acara w/ ornate fins
""4-5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare 'saddled acara'- young adults of chunky size w/ beautifully decorated fins
Andinoacararivulatus5-5.5"50.00 ea.cb adult, richly colored 'gold suam-green terror' of robust size
Astronotusocellatus 'red long fin'10-12"75.00 ea.jumbo 'long fin/veil tail red oscar' of great color & fins - only one individual available
Biotodomawavrini2-2.5"15.00 ea.wild Rio Inírida; md growing, peaceful species which develops streamers on fins w/ gorgeous pastel colored body
Bujurquinamariae3.5-4.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare gems; this is an attractive acara that has not been in the ornamental trade for many years
"sp. 'Rio Guavaire'3.5-4.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare; intricate turq. spot cheeks; resembles B. cf. peregrinabunda photographed by U. Werner
Caquetaiamyersi2.5-3"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.wild juves.of very rarely offered/seen, uniquely shaped/brighly colored sp. collected at San José Del Fragüa, Rio Caquetá-ltd qty only
Cichla kelberi2-2.5"45.00 or 4 @ 40.00 ea.F1 Rio Doce juveniles of gorgeous gold spangled , smaller growing bass
Cichlasomabimaculatum2-2.5"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.wild Saramacca River, Suriname collected 'black acara' is actually a gold/pastel colored sp. w/ ornate fins; very rare wild import
"dimerus1.5"12.50 ea.F1 juveniles from Uruguay collection of iridescent green/gold 'port-type cichlid' in ltd qty only
"sp. 'Esmeraldas gold'3-4"40.00 or 4 @ 35.00 ea.wild R. Esmeraldas, Ecuador collected, absolutely remarkable golden xanthic acara; never imported/seen by me before-sexed prs avail
Crenicichlacf. lugubris 'Venezuela'5-6"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.wild Puerto Inírida, Rio Inírida collected - a large growing, gold/pink pastel colored pike w/ boldly spotted head in ltd qty only
Geophagusabalios3-3.5"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.wild Colombian earth eater w/ orange & green horizonal stripes & red/green spotted tail
"altifrons 'Rio Tapajos'3.5-4"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.cb R. Tapajos form of lg growing & showy earth eater that develops streamers on fins
"itapicurensis3-4"65.00 ea.wild Rio Itapicuru rarity; lavender/gold sides, lg spangles, red/blue striped fins-last seen by me >20 years ago in one time import
"sp. 'Aporema'1.5-2"18.00 or 6 @ 15.00 ea.F1 juves. of very newly collected Brazil gem w/ apricot sides, alternating orange & lime green horizontal stripes
"sp. 'red head Tapajos' cb2"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.cb juveniles of attractive, md growing 'red head Tapajos Geos'
"sp. 'red head Tapajos' wild3-4"55.00 or 4 @ 50.00 ea.wild Rio Tapajos collected individuals of great size & color
Gymnogeophaguslabiatus1.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'blue Yerbalito/Rio Yerbalito, Uruguay' juveniles of beautifully colored/spangled cool-hardy earth eater
Herosefasciatus 'Santarem'3.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.cb Brazilian 'red streaked turquoise severum' of impressive size & color
"notatus1.5-2"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.F2 juves of briliantly colored gold/green Guyana severums
"sp. 'red spot gold severum'3.5-4"50.00 pr.cb 'red spotted gold severum' pairs of super size & color; excellent addition to md-ml, less aggressive community
Hoplarchuspsittacus4-5"55.00 ea.wild Puerto Inírida, Rio Inírida 'parrot cichlids' of hefty size & mostly mature coloration; lg growing, very showy & personable cichlid
Hypselecaratemporalis3.5-4"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.cb young adults of 'Peru chocolates'; richly colored, mild mannered & showy sp. featuring emerald body, plum fins, blood red eyes
Kronoherosumbriferus4-4.5"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.wild from Giradot on Rio Magdalena, Colombia - robust, unsexed adolescent 'blue freckled umbies'
Laetacaraflavilabris2-3"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild rarity of 'dwarf smiling acara' collected from San José del Rio Guaviare; attractive yellow/black striped head w/ blue anal fin
"fulvipinnis2-3"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.rarely collected 'dwarf smiling acara' from Rio Inírida w/ purple on face & dorsal fin, orange & blue streaked anal & caudal fins
Mesoherosfestae4-4.5"85.00 ea.F1 Rio Babahayo 'red terror' of super size & color; a rare offer in adolescent size - very ltd qty still available
"gephyrus2-2.5"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.wild juveniles from R. Calima in extreme south of Choco State, Colombia - a rarely imported, brilliant red & blue spangled beauty
""3-4"55.00 or 4 @ 50.00 ea.wild md-lg sized juveniles of highly desirable, lg growing & showy species
Retroculuslapidifer1-1.25"25.00 or 5 @ 22.00 ea.new offer of F1 Rio Tocantins gems; entertaining to observe swimming w/ goby-like movements & rainbow of color
Uaruamphiacanthoides3-3.5"36.00 ea.great sized cb Uaru; handsome, ml growing, a classic favorite among S. Am. cichlid keepers/breeders
Amatitlaniaseptemfasciata1.5"10.00 ea.cb juveniles of blue eyed, maroon colored Rio San Jose, CR collection in ltd qty
"cf. siquia 'blue Honduran'1.25-1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb 'Honduran redpoint blue convict' juveniles
"cf. siquia 'marbled Honduran'2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'marbled Honduran convicts' This is my 1st distribution of this form; unique pearly sides w/ blue-black marbling
"cf. nigrofasciata 'marbled convict'2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'marbled' or 'calico convict' of stocky md size - no two fish are patterned alike
Amphilophuscitrinellus 'gold barred'3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' bred from the only two gold barred individuals from SF Libre, Lago Managua, NIC
""4-4.5"20.00 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' of the next size up from TUIC exclusive Nicaragua import
"lyonsi1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb juveniles of likely to be extinct in wild species (I've tried unsuccessfully to find them on three occasions in CR and PAN)
"sagittae1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb juves from 2 generations of full creamsickle colored adults; already turning white & orange by 1.5" size
""2-2.5"12.50 ea.next size up on colored creamsickle grow outs of TUIC exclusive Nicaragua import
Chiapaherosgrammodes1.5"10.00 ea.F1 juveniles from collection at Tuxtla Guttierez, Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, MX
Cincelichthysbocourti1.5"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.cb juves of large growing, mild mannered/well behaved species of amber-orange color
Herotilapiamultispinosa2.5-3"15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.cb 'rainbow cichlid' grow outs w/ beautiful amber & orange colors
Hypsophrysnicaraguensis2-2.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.cb 'macaw cichlid' juveniles of multicolored Costa Rican race
""3.5-4"20.00 ea.cb Costa Rican 'macaw cichlid' grow out males with brilliant mature color - ltd qty only
Maskaherosargentea2-2.5"18.00 or 6 @ 15.00 ea.cb juves of large growing, very showy species; pearl/opalescent sides, black freckles, high profile w/ tall dorsal
Neetroplusnematopus 3-3.5"18.00 ea.F1 juveniles of robust & uniquely 'blue faced neets' from R. Grande de Matagalpa, Nicaragua in ltd qty only
""4-4.5"35.00 ea.F1 young adult males in ltd qty
Nosferatulabridens1.5" 20.00 or 5 @ 17.00 ea.F1 Laguna Media Luna 'yellow & black labridens' juveniles
""2-2.5"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.next size up on grow out juveniles of 'yellow & black labridens'
Oscuraheterospila1"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb juveniles of multi-colored, mild mannered species which may be safely kept w/ sm-md growing tank mates
Parachromisdovii1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.juveniles from wild R. Tempisque Costa Rica male
"managuensis3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.cb 'jaguar cichlids' of boldly patterned, intricate black & white markings
Paraneetroplusbulleri1.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb Rio Sarabia gems; graceful & strong swimming, colorful red fins w/ metallic green & violet sides
Peteniasplendida3-3.5"15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.cb md juvenile 'red bay snook' - grows large but low on aggression scale; this solid orange-red morph is highly attractive
Talamancaherossieboldii1.5"10.00 ea.F2 Rio Gariche, PAN. juveniles of robust, red spotted, black 'bandit-masked' species
""2-2.5"15.00 ea.next size up on F2 grow outs
Thorichthysmaculipinnis1.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb Rio Papaloapan juveniles of red-orange breasted, blue spangled beauties
Trichromissalvini 'Grijalva'1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 8.00 ea.F1 juveniles of Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, MX origin where both sexes are bright yellow and blue; females w/ most red
"salvini4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb adults of bold yellow, red, & black markings
Viejabifasciata2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.F1 'red bifas' of Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, MX collected population
"breidohri3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.cb pastel colored species of blue & pink w/ red eyes
"hartwegi3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 Rio Comitan, Chiapas, MX origin for large juveniles
""5-6"28.00 ea.F1 Rio Comitan adolescents of great size displaying red & blue spotting
""8-10"150.00 pr.wild jumbo R. Comitan adult pairs in super color - a very rare offer in ltd qty only
"maculicauda7-7.5"50.00 ea.cb 'black belt cichlids' of great size & color; rich red colored throat & caudal fin are characteristic of mature individuals
"sp. 'Coatzacoalcos'1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 8.00 ea.F2 R. Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, MX origin juveniles of mostly blue colored beauty w/ red fins
""2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.next size up on R. Coatzacoalcos grow out juveniles
"var. 'synspila'4-4.5" / 6"30.00 ea. / 45.00 ea.cb 'red head synspila' of robust adolescent & young adults sizes displaying gorgeous color
Cyphotilapiafrontosa3"36.00 ea.cb six bar 'Burundi fronts' of great size & pattern
Hemichromisfasciatus3-3.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.F1 Lake Volta, Ghana grow outs - the epitome of 'five spot jewels'; a large growing, highly colorful W. African rarity in the trade
"lifalili2.5-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb neon red colored jewels w/ turquoise spots on body & fins; super md cichlid/community species that stays under 4"
Heterotilapiabuttekoferi2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'hornet Tilapia' of nice size w/ bold yellow & black vertical bars; grows large & showy
Oreochromissp. niloticus12"50.00 ea.cb cream sickle colored 'Tilapia' of large size & attractive color/pattern - only one available
Placidochromiscf. phenochilus 'Tanzania'4-5"125.00 triocb 'star sapphire Hap'; a spectacularly colorful & showy sapphire blue species w/ white-gold flake pattern- 1 male + 2 females available
NON-CICHLIDS, ODDBALLS, CHARACINS, CYPRINIDS, ETC. (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Anabastestudineus3-4"25.00 ea.the 'banded climbing perch'-extremely hardy gourami w/ amazing ability to remain out of water for days if kept moist; grows to 10"
Barbodeslateristriga3-4"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild Thai collected 'spanner 'T' barb' of great size; an attractively striped/banded barb that grows to robust 6-7" size
Belontiahasselti5-6"65.00 ea.Thai collected 'honeycomb combtail'; a robust & rare import of lg size that competes well w/ ml sized species - only one fish avail
Bryconfalcatus16-17"150.00 ea.jumbo 'personal pet' of robust, active, attractively marked dorado-like characin - just one individual/special offer only
Cirrhinusmicrolepis4.5-5"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.seldom imported red-finned Thai mud carp; semi-elongated iridescent body w/ very cool red tail
Dawkinsiafilamentosa3-3.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.Myanmar-collected 'filament barb'; a super colorful (chartreuse & red w/ black), md growing (5") barb ideal for md community
Distichodussp. Lefini River 'red & black'1.5"25.00 ea.cb juveniles of newly available, highly attractive red & black finned, md growing African 'watermelon Distichodus'
Hampalamacrolepidota5-5.5" / 6.5-7.5"40.00 ea. / 65.00 ea.rare import of lg growing, robust, colorful, & active cyprinid; coveted sport fish that amounts to a great larger community species
Hopliasaimara4"350.00 ea.rare Suriname import of the giant growing 'Aimara wolf' in manageable juvenile size - ltd qty available
"curupira 'Suriname'7-8"250.00 ea.Suriname collected 'black wolf fish' of chunky size; an entirely different form than we are used to seeing from Orinoco - very ltd qty
Hoplerythrinusunitaeniatus9-10"125.00 ea.rarely imported/seen in jumbo size: 'gold wolf fish/shuyo amarillo' imported from Peru - only one individual still available
Hypsibarbuswetmorei4-4.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild Thai 'lemon fin barb'; a seldom imported & attractive cyprinid that reaches about 10"
Incisilabeobehri3-4"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild Thai 'dolphin head barb'; a rarely imported show species - very seldom offered in juvenile size
Labeodyocheilus4.5-6" / 8-10"35.00 ea. / 100.00 ea.Thai 'blue shark'; a rarely collected, lg growing & impressively finned cyprinid- ltd qty on md & only 2 lg size available
Labiobarbussiamensis3-3.5" / 5-5.5"22.00 ea. / 35.00 ea.seldom imported, Thai barb w/ long dorsal fin, black spotted scales, & pastel colored sides
Leporinusgossei5-6"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.rarely imported Suriname jewel w/ honey colored body & variously sized black spots/bars; an attractive addition to ml community
Leptobotiataeniops3.5-4"65.00 or 3 @ 60.00 ea.rare import of 'Chinese honeycomb loach'; a robust cool-hardy species w/ very attractive, individually intricate pattern
Lobocheilosrhabdoura4-4.5"25.00 ea.rarely imported Thai barb w/ pink tail & pink spots on flanks - ltd qty only
Markiananigripinnis4-4.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.very rarely imported Pantanal, Brazil collection of rubust & unique, ml growing, ventrally red finned tetra
Metynnisfasciatus3.5-4"40.00 ea.cb 'tiger silver dollar' of super size - great dither w/ md-ml sized cichlids or mixed communities; will not even eat cichlid fry in tank
Osphronemusexodon4-4.5"85.00 ea.Thai 'elephant ear gourami'; a very rarely imported red & black scaled giant growing gourami - unique species for lg community
"laticlavis6-7"85.00 ea.giant 'red tail gorami' of Indonesia/Malaysia; a highly attractive show fish for lg communities that can reach 20"
Osteobramafeae3.5-4"65.00 ea.deeply keeled/knife-like bodied Thai cyprinid; an extremely rare import in very ltd qty only
Osteochilushasselti5-6"35.00 ea.seldom imported red-finned Thai hard lipped barb; attractive red fins, red spotted flanks w/ long dorsal fin
Neolissochilussoroides3-4"50.00 ea.Thai 'Soro brook carp'; a rarely imported 'yellow fin mahseer' that grows to about 18"
Potamotrygonmarinae5" 1800.00 pr.extreme rare import of recently described, Suriname beauties w/ glowing gold flower pattern-1 pr avail (net price/no discount)
""7"900.00 ea.two medium males displaying more mature/bold flower pattern (net price/no discount)
Pygocentruspiraya5"200.00 ea.R. São Francisco giant growing, brilliantly honey to red colored piranha - only two still available
"ternetzi5"250.00 ea.R. São Francisco collected at Tres Marias, Minas Gerais; brilliant gold colored piranha - only two still available
Serrasalmusrhombeus8-9"200.00 ea.Suriname collected blue/black rhom of large size *imperfect, hence low price (slight twist in dorsal fin as a result of regrown fin)
LORICARIIDAE - PLECOSTOMUS SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Acanthicushystrix8-9"150.00 ea.L155 'lyre tail pleco' of R. Branco, Roraima, Brazil; xl growing, super thorny, jet black, prehistoric-looking showy pleco; just 1 avail
Ancistrinisp. L0692.5-3"40.00 or 3 @ 35.00 ea.L069 rarely collected gold & black uniquely banded gem from Alenquer, R. Amazonas
Baryancistruschrysolomus3.5-4"85.00 ea.L047 'mango pleco' from Rio Xingu; remarkable evergreen body w/ gold trimmed fins
"xanthellus1.5-2"40.00 ea.L177 variation of 'gold nugget pleco' from Rio Iriri; covered in md-lg yellow polka dots w/ yellow trimmed fins
"sp. LDA0333"55.00 or 3 @ 50.00 ea.LDA033/L142 'snowball pleco' collected from Pimental, Rio Tapajos; sports bold contrast of lg white polka dots on solid black body
Chaetostomaformosae2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.L187B 'blonde bulldog pleco' from Rio Guamal, COL; small growing pleco, excellent algae grazer
Hemiancistrussp. L1282.5" / 3-4"35.00 ea. / 50.00 ea.L128 'blue phantom pleco' w/ denim blue body & fins covered by arctic blue spots/spangles
Hemiodontichthysacipenserinus5"50.00 ea.Peruvian 'Pinocchio-nose whiptail'; incredibly unique w/ super elongated knobbed snout- only one available
Hypancistrussp. L1742"215.00 or 3 @ 200.00 ea.L174 very rare collection of highly coveted Rio Xingu collected individuals
"margaritatus1-1.25"25.00 ea.L404 Rio Branco F1 juveniles of rarely imported chocolate 'Hypan' covered w/ gold jewel spots - very ltd qty only
Leporacanthicuscf. galaxius L0072.5-3"50.00 ea.L007 'gold spot vampire pleco'; a robust & attractive species from Rio Guama, Brazil
"cf. galaxius L2412.5-3"50.00 ea.L241 'flat vampire pleco'; a rare import from Orinoco basin w. markedly flattened body & cream colored spots
"heterodon2.5-3"55.00 ea.Rio Xingu 'gold vampire pleco'; bold black polka dots on gold-tan colored spiny body
"joselimai2.5"55.00 ea.L264 'sultan pleco'-a long snout 'vampire type pleco;' from Rio Tapajos w/ white tipped fins, bold black polka dots on grey body
Panaqoluschangae2.5-3"35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.L226 Peru collected, attractively banded md growing species
Panaquecochliodon8-10"450.00 ea.Rio Magdalena 'blue eyed Panaque'; truly a prehistoric-looking show pleco w/ blue eyes & jet black body; ltd qty only
"cf. nigrolineatus L3309-11"100.00 ea.Rio Meta collected jumbo sized 'watermelon royal plecos'; super spotted xl individuals in ltd qty
"schaeferi3-3.5"50.00 ea.LDA065/L203 'titanic royal pleco' - an extremely attractive, giant growing 'royal pleco' w/ white lyre tail from Peru - only 1 avail
Parancistusaurantiacus3-3.5"35.00 ea.Rio Tocantins 'chubby pleco' of robust size
"nudiventris3-3.5"45.00 ea.L031 'peppermint pleco' from Rio Xingu; jet black w/ small white-light blue spots over body & fins; ltd qty
Peckoltiasabaji4.5-5"50.00 ea. L075 'Para pleco' or as I've dubbed it: 'decorus pleco' for Syno. decorus-like lg. spotted fins; hardy & highly attrative of super size
"vittata3-3.5"35.00 ea.L015 'candy stripe Peckoltia' from R. Xingu; bold vertical black bars on gold body
Pseudacanthicuspitanga3.5-4"100.00 ea.L024 'red fin cactus pleco' from Rio Tocantins; great md size in ltd qty only
"sp. L0653-3.5"75.00 or 3 @ 65.00 ea.L065 'blizzard cactus' or 'mustang cactus pleco' - F1 adorable juveniles of very rarely imported Pseuda. species in ltd qty
"sp. LDA1056"600.00 ea.LDA105 'typhoon' or 'fire spot cactus pleco'- very rare import of outrageously colorful show species; only one individual available
Pseudancistrusasurini5-6"100.00 ea.L067 attractive & robust white spotted pleco from R. Xingu w/ gold trimmed fins; great size in ltd qty only
"barbatus7-8"150.00 ea.extremely rare Suriname import of super wide bodied, gold spangled beauty
"sp. L2593.5-4"50.00 ea.L259 - uncommon import of lg cream spotted/wavy spotted pleco- only one available
Pseudohemiodonapithanos7.5-9"125.00 ea.Rio Caquetá collected real 'chameleon whiptail' of remarkable size & pattern
Pseudorinelepissp. L0957-8"250.00 ea.very rare import of 'red cheek pinecone pleco' - particularly at this md size; ltd qty only
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps 'albino'10-12"75.00 ea.cb L083 / L165 'albino sailfin plecos' - super showy morph of ivory color w/ red eyes-ltd qty available
"scrophus3-4"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.Peruvian 'rhino pleco' w/ unmistakable large 'horn-like' nostril flaps
"weberi3-4"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.juvenile Peruvian 'ranger pleco'- seriously cute w/ lg polka dots, matures to profusely blk. spotted pleco w/ golden body
Scobinancistruscf. pariolispos5"100.00 ea.L048 R. Xingu 'gold spotted cloud pleco'; showy, lg growing species w/ gold polka dots over black body & fins in ltd qty only
"sp. L2535"125.00 ea.L253 seldom imported lower R. Xingu 'sunshine-like pleco' w/ large pearl spots/streaks over body & fins - 1 available
"sp. L3685"100.00 ea.L368 'white spotted cloud pleco' from Rio Tapajos; large white/cream polka dots on black body/fins - 1 available
Squaliformaemarginata4-4.5" / 5-6"25.00 ea. / 35.00 ea.L011 'red fin thresher pleco' - named after resemblance to thresher shark w/ elongated lower lobe of caudal fin
CATFISH SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Acanthodorascataphractus2.5-3"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.Suriname collected 'chocolate raphael cats'; a rare offer of attractively colored/marked, md growing & hardy cats
Brachyrhamdiameesi2-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.gregarious dwarf species of 'imitator Pim cat' that mimics Corydoras in nature; grows to only 3"
Goldiellaeques6"50.00 ea.Peru collected 'horse head cat' of great size; an attractively patterned cat well suited for md-lg community - remains <12" - only 2 avail
Hemibagrusfilamentosus5-6" / 7-8"75.00 ea. / 100.00 ea.rarely imported Thai bagrid cat of tawny/caramel body color; grows to about 18-20"
Leiariusmarmoratus8-9"75.00 ea.Peru 'marbled sailfin cat' - highly attractive/spectacular show cat that can reach 20-24"; excellent in large community
Mystusfasciatus4-4.5"25.00 or 3 @ 22.00 ea.seldom imported Thai bagrid cat w/ wine & white horizontal stripes
"mysticetus5-6"50.00 ea.rarely imported Thai bagrid cat w/ bold indigo & white horizonal stripes- very ltd qty only
Pangasiusconchophilus8-9"150.00 ea.extremely rare import of lg growing Thai 'paroon shark' species w/ distinctive metallic bronze colored body- only 1 available
Pseudomystussiamensis3.5-4"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.Thai 'bumble bee cat' of super size & bold color/pattern
Pseudoplatystomafasciatum7-8"95.00 ea.rare import of Suriname collected 'tiger shovelnose cats'; develops individually unique spots/stripes pattern w/ maturity- ltd qty only
Sperataacicularis5-6"65.00 or 2 @ 60.00 ea.seldom imported, copper colored, lg growing 'Burmese shovelnose cat' - 100% pellet trained
Synodontisnigrita 'gold form'2.5-3"35.00 ea.cb 'gold/gold marbled lace cats'; a very attractive & hardy addition to md-lg communities
Tatiaintermedia2.5-3"15.00 ea.F1 'milky way wood cats'; md growing, very attractive white spots over velvet black body

pictured below: Just some of the remarkably colored and attractively patterned plecos and catfish on hand.

blue eye





































pictured below: Some of the many species of earth eaters, acaras, and other South American cichlids available. If applicable, adult photos are shared for reference. Stock sizes are posted on stock page.










rh Tap















pictured below: Some of the many Central American cichlid species immediately available. If applicable, adult photos are shared for reference. Stock sizes are posted on stock page.
























marble hrp

marble con


gold bar

gold bar

pictured below: Old World cichlid species plus others posted on stock list are also available.





pictured below: Some of the many seldom seen characins 'tetras', cyprinids 'carps/barbs', and other odd balls on hand.














rt gourami





curupira suri

gold wolf


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