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Tangled Up in Cichlids

Specializing in the New World Cichlids from South and Central America plus South American Catfish

Email: jeff.tuic@gmail.com

Welcome to the Tangled Up In Cichlids web page. Posted below is a spread sheet of immediately available fish listed by latin name with size, price, and a brief description of each species.

Following the stock list on home page are select photos highlighting just some of the many beautiful and rare species currently available.

TANGLED UP IN CICHLIDS STOCKLIST FOR WEEK OF MAY 22, 2017 email: jeff.tuic@gmail.com, phone: 908-387-9858    
  (Total Length in Inches)(in USD $)(Wild fish include the word 'wild' in description, 'F1' = 1st generation stock bred from wild collected adults, 'cb' = captive bred of unspecified generation)
Acarichthysheckelii 4-4.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.lg wild Rio Itapa, Peru 'threadfins of super size & color
"heckelii 'albino'3"75.00 ea.cb brilliant white & red colored 'albino heckelii' of chunky size-only one individual available
Aequidenstetramerus3-4"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild Rio Guaviare. COL 'saddled acara'; gold sided 'port acara-type' w/ ornate fins
"cf. diadema 'Jenero Herrara'2-2.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.wild Peruvian acara w/ rainbow of color
Andinoacarapulcher2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb Trinidad 'blue acara' - a colorful & well deserved long time favorite of New World cichlid aquarists
"stalsbergi5-5.5"95.00 ea.wild Rio Pisco, Peru 'white trim green terror' of adolescent size
""7-7.5"135.00 ea.wild R. Pisco stunning adults in ltd qty only
"sp. 'Choco'3.5-4.5"50.00 ea.wild Rio Cauca, COL collected acara that resembles both blue acara & green terror - very ltd qty only
"rivulatus 'Rio Esmeraldas'2-2.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild R. Esmeraldas, Ecuador collected 'orange trim green terror' juves- rare offer of wild stock w/ known provenance, very ltd qty
Apistogrammasp. 'Tame'1.5-2"30.00 pr wild Arauca, COL collected macmasteri-like species of super size & color
"sp. 'D50'1.5-2"65.00 prwild Alto Vaupes, COL collected mouth breeding Apistos; first time for this species to be available in US
Astronotuscf. rubrocellatus7-8"225.00 ea.wild Rio Branco, Roraima oscars from remotely collected habitat of highly sought after A. cf. rubrocellatus in ltd qty only
Australoherosscitulum3.5-4"25.00 ea.cb 'rose-breasted chanchito' Uruguay origin in ltd qty only
Bujurquinamariae3.5-4.5"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.wild Rio Guaviare, San Jose, COL gems; this is an attractive acara that has not been in the ornamental trade for many years
"sp. 'Rio Guavaire'3.5-4.5"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.wild Rio Guaviare collected @ San Jose; intricate turq. spotted cheeks; resembles B. cf. peregrinabunda photographed by U. Werner
Caquetaiamyersi1.5"25.00 ea.F1 Rio Orteguaza, COL juves-rarely collected/spawned piscivore; highly colorful, remains manageable size (8-10" max)-ltd qty only
Cichlakelberi 'R. Parana'4.5"185.00 ea.wild collected kelberi of beefy size & girth available - only one more on hand
"orinocensis7-7.5"/8-8.5"100.00/125.00 ea.wild Rio Atabapo 'orino bass' of large size & super honey-lime body color
""9-10"/11"150.00/175.00 ea.next size up on wild R. Atabapo 'orino bass' of super size & color
"piquiti 'R. Parana'6"200.00 ea.wild 'azul' of great size - only 2 individuals available
Cichlasomasp. 'Esmeraldas gold'3-3.5"40.00 or 4 @ 35.00 ea.wild R. Esmeraldas, Ecuador collected, absolutely remarkable golden xanthic acara; never imported/seen by me before
Crenicichlacametana5"75.00 ea.one wild individual of Rio Tocantins collected, rarely imported purple-violet-black pike
"cyclostoma3"50.00 ea.wild T. Tocantins pike w/ uniquely adapted beak-like mouth - only one available
"sp. 'Orinoco dwarf pike'3-3.5"12.50 or 4 @ 10.00 ea.wild Rio Orinoco watershed collected regani-like dwarf pike; all males
Geophagusabalios4-4.5"/5-5.5"35.00/50.00 ea.wild collected from Puerto CarreƱo - Rio Meta; highly attractive red & green striped, lg growing earth eater-very few available
""6-7"65.00 ea.huge wild adults from same collection as above; very impressive, showy individuals
"altifrons3.5-4"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.cb R. Tapajos form of lg growing & showy earth eater that develops streamers on fins
"sp. 'Caqueta'3.5-4.5"28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.wild undescribed Geo. collected from Puerto Rico on Rio Guayas; vertical bars over red spotted flanks w/ red ventral anal fins
""5-6"40.00 or 3 @ 35.00 ea.jumbo sized wild Caqueta Geos; unique tiger bar pattern w/ red spots - largest individuals I've ever seen of this species
"pellegrini 'Rio Atrato'2-2.5"/4-4.5"40.00 ea./75.00 ea.wild blue-backed, red sided, black lipped form of lg growing hump head Geo; very unique & remarkable coloration - ltd qty only
"pellegrini 'Upper R. San Juan'1.25-1.5"/2-2.5"25.00 ea./35.00 ea.F1 juveniles of 'red pellegrini' from upper Rio San Juan, Choco, Colombia in very ltd qty only
"pellegrini 'Rio San Juan'4-4.5"40.00 or 4 @ 35.00 ea.wild Rio San Juan collected 'atros'; a highly colorful population of this species - available in ltd qty only
"sp. 'red head Tapajos'3.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.cb great sized grow outs of colorful, md growing, gregarious earth eater
"sveni10"250.00 ea.one jumbo wild R. Parana male w/ ridiculously long streamers - one of kind show piece
"winemilleri5-5.5"125.00 ea.wild Rio Inirida gems; very rare collection of amazingly colored, lg growing & showy earth eater
Guianacarastergiosi1.5-2"12.50 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb 'bandit acara'; robust species of earth eater-like acara (or vice versa) that make great tank mates w/ either
Gymnogeophaguscf. labiatus 'Tres Puentes'2.5-3"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.cb 'Tres Puentes-Rio Olimar, Uruguay' collected stock of big blue & gold gems
Herosefasciatus 'rotkeil'1.5-2"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb Peru 'red shoulder/rotkeil severum' juveniles
"efasciatus 'R. Tapajos'2.5-3"15.00 ea.cb Rio Tapajos 'red spot turquoise severum' of chunky grow out size in very limited qty only
"efasciatus 'Santarem'5-6"125.00 pr.wild lg adult pair (one pair avail) from Santarem; beautifully colored 'red spotted turquoise severum'
"sp. 'red spotted gold'2.5"25.00 ea.cb non-hormoned 'super red severum'; healthy, stable & colorful additions to any md community-ltd qty only
Hoplarchuspsittacus1.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 R. Inirida, Colombia juveniles; a rare offer of tank bred 'parrot cichlids'
""2-2.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.F1 R. Inirida 'parrot cichlids' of next chunky size up
Hypselecaratemporalis2.5-3"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb Peru 'chocolate cichlids' - adults display attractive burgundy red/purple w/ green
Kronoherosumbriferus 'R. Magdalena'4-4.5"50.00 ea.wild 'blue freckled Rio Mag umbies' collected at Giradot on the Rio Magdalena
"cf. umbriferus 'R. Atrato'4-4.5"150.00 ea.wild Rio Atrato collected 'red striped umbies'; 1st time US import for this amazing newly collected form-ltd qty only
""6-8"400.00 pr.wild Rio Atrato adult sexed pairs of 'red stripe Atrato umbie' - ltd qty only
Laetacarafulvipinnis1.5-2"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.wild Rio Guaviare 'smiling acara' w/ violet sheen over body & orange fins
Mikrogeophagusramirezi1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.wild Rio Meta 'rams' of brilliant blue w/ yellow colors
Mesoherosatromaculatus5-6"75.00 ea.wild Rio San Juan collected 'atros'; a highly colorful population of this species - available in ltd qty only
"festae3.5-4"65.00 or 4 @ 60.00 ea.wild Rio Esmeraldas, Ecuador collected 'red terror' of great size & color
Satanopercajurupari 'Colombia'4-5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.lg wild adults from Colombia; a robust eartheater of chartreuse color
Uarufernandezyepezi5-6"125.00 ea.wild R. Atabapo 'panda Uaru' of young adult size; very well conditioned & greedy eaters - only two available
Amatitlaniakanna1.25-1.5"/3"10.00/25.00 ea.F1 Rio Banano, CR juveniles of blue throated species w/ purple cheeks & purple sheen to body; very ltd # of lg males also available
"septemfasciata1.5"15.00 ea.F2 Rio San Jose, CR juveniles of rarely offered, sm-md growing, blue-eyed maroon colored gem
"siquia 'Rio Tempisque'2.5" + 3-4"25.00 pr / 3-4" male @ 15 ea.F2 blue/orange sided western Costa Rica convict adult pairs or lg males w/ fin extensions & great color
"cf. siquia 'blue Honduran'2.5-3"15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.cb 'Honduran redpoint blue convicts' of great size & intense blue coloration
"cf. siquia 'Rio Claro'3-3.5"20.00 ea.F1 adult males of Honduran provenance - only 2 available
Amphilophuscitrinellus 'gold barred'2-2.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' bred from the only two gold barred individuals from SF Libre, Lago Managua, NIC
""3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' of chunky grow out size (unsexed)
""5-5.5"35.00 ea.F1 'gold bar midas' adolescent/young adults
"lyonsi1.25-1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb juveniles of likely to be extinct in wild species (I've tried unsuccessfully to find them on two occasions in CR and PAN)
"sagittae5-6"35.00 ea.F2 young adults of ylw/blue/white/orange from the cream sickle colored jumbo pair of exclusive TUIC Lago Xiloa, NIC import
"trimaculatus2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb juveniles of vividly colored mustard yellow body and rose red breasted trimacs
"trimaculatus 'Rio Naranjo'2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.F2 stocky juves of R. Naranjo, Guatemala collected 'trimacs'; bold colored moss green w/ garnet red abdomen & throat
""3-3.5"40.00 pr; 15.00 fem, 25.00 malenext size up on adolescents of R. Naranjo trimacs
Archocentruscentrarchus4-4.5"25.00 ea.F1 Siquirres, CR young adult 'flier cichlids' beginning to display mature coloration of gold body & fins w/ sky blue sides
""4.5" + 5-6"60.00 pr, 40.00 maleF1 Siquirres, CR adult 'flier cichlids' in full color, sexed pairs available
Cincelichthyspearsei5"45.00 ea.cb individuals of huge growing but very well behaved MX/GUAT herbivorous species that can successfully be kept w/ smaller species
Herichthyscarpintis2-2.5"12.50 ea.cb juveniles of large spangled, highly colorful stock in ltd qty only
Hypsophrysnicaraguensis2-2.5"10.00 ea.cb 'macaw cichlid' juveniles of multicolored Costa Rican race
""3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.next size up on cb 'macaw cichlid' grow outs
Maskoherosregani 'R. Sarabia'7-7.5"125.00 ea or 250.00 pr.F1 adults of super size & color - a very rare offer of vividly colored, privately grown outs; one pair only available
Neetroplusnematopus 2-2.5"12.50 ea.F1 juveniles of robust & uniquely 'blue faced neets' from R. Grande de Matagalpa, Nicaragua in ltd qty only
""3-3.5"18.00 ea.F1 chunky grow outs of species well suited to compete with larger cichlids
""4-4.5"35.00 ea.F1 young adult males in ltd qty
Oscuraheterospila9-10"150.00 ea.jumbo adult males of super impressive size & color; a very rare offer - only one available
Parachromisdovii1.5"/2-2.5"10.00 / 15.00 ea.juveniles from personally collected wild R. Tempisque, Costa Rica male & captive Nicaraguan fem; each w/ bright turquoise fins
"loisellei2-2.5"12.50 ea.cb of Panamanian origin; the southernmost populations of this guapote sport rich honey colored body w/ amber fins
"managuensis5-5.5"35.00 ea.cb great sized Nicaraguan 'black & white jaguar cichlid'
"motaguensis1.5-2"8.50 or 6 @ 8.00 ea.cb Honduran 'red tiger mots' of juvenile size; already displaying characteristic red spotting
Peteniasplendida5-6"30.00 or 3 @ 27.00 ea.cb 'red bay snook'; red/orange above blending to honey color in abdomen; an awesome less-aggressive MX species for lg communites
Rociooctofasciata 4.5-5.5"25.00 ea.cb 'jack dempsey' young adults w/ beautiful blue splangles; pairs available upon request
Talamancaherossieboldi1.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.F2 juveniles from Rio Gariche, PAN population; active, md growing species w/ bold B&W pattern & red spots on flanks
""2-2.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.next size up on F2 R. Gariche grow outs displaying some mature coloration
Thorichthysaffinis1.5-2"15.00 ea.F1 Lago Peten, Guatemala' juveniles of orange throated rarity in trade in very ltd qty
"pasiones1.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.F2 juveniles of Perdida, Lago de Atitlan, GUAT; largest growing Thorichthys sp. w/ bright yellow sides & tall dorsal
"helleri2.5-3"25.00 ea.F1 males (only two avail) of gorgeous R. Chacamax blue spangled beauties
Trichromissalvini 'Candelaria'1.25-1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.F2 Rio Candelaria, MX juveniles - a beautifully colored race in which both sexes display red colored sides
"salvini 'Usamacinta'5-6"50.00 ea.F1 jumbo males of highly colorful population in rarely offered jumbo size- only one still available
Vieja breidohri2-2.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb juves of beautifully colored MX species w/ sapphire blue above & pastel pink below
"maculicauda5.5-6"35.00 ea.cb 'black belt cichlid' adolescents; highly attractive, lg growing & widespread species w/ red cheek/chest & tail
Aulonocarasp. 'red dragon blood/firefish'3.5"50.00 ea.cb 'red dragon blood' or simply 'firefish' males of glowing red color w/ blue highlights; ltd qty only
Boulengerochromismicrolepis6-7"100.00 ea.cb 'emperor cichlid' - the largest growing Old World cichlid; a very rare import of larger individuals in ltd qty only
Etroplussuratensis2.5-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 juveniles of large growing, highly ornate 'green chromide': a spectacular jewel spotted, less aggressive rarity
Oreochromissp. niloticus8-9"50.00 ea.cb cream sickle colored 'Tilapia' of large size & attractive color/pattern - only one available
Paratilapiapolleni2-2.5"12.50 ea.cb juveniles of attractive velvet black/turquoise spangled Madagascar 'marakely'
Paretroplusmenarambo1.5"35.00 ea.cb juveniles of Madagascar 'pin striped damba'; a rarely bred treasure that resembles marine tang
Placidochromiscf. phenochilus 'Tanzania'3-3.5"40.00 or 3 @ 35.00 ea.cb 'star sapphire Hap'; a spectacularly colorful & showy sapphire blue species w/ white-gold flake pattern
NON-CICHLID-ODDBALLS/CHARACINS, ETC. (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Distichodussexfasciatus3"55.00 ea.large growing, perky & active, red-orange body w/ broad black vertical bands; competes well w/ similarly sized cichlids, etc.
Hoplerythrinusunitaeniatus9-10"150.00 ea.rarely imported/seen in jumbo size: 'gold wolf fish/shuyo amarillo' imported from Peru in ltd qty
Lepomisminiatus1.5"15.00 ea.native N. Am. 'red spotted sunfish'; a md growing (5-6") attractively colored & cool hardy addition to md communities
Leporinussteyermarki5-6"25.00 ea.rarely imported Colombian Leporinus w/ attractive blk spots & wavy bars on gold body
"striatus6"75.00 ea.rare import of Rio Atrato gold & black horizonally striped species of super size - ltd qty only
Markiananigripinnis4-4.5"45.00 or 4 @ 40.00 ea.very rarely imported Pantanal, Brazil collection of rubust & unique, ml growing, ventrally red finned tetra
Myleusschomburgkii.75-1"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50Peruvian collected juveniles of 'wide bar Myleus'; an extremely impressive, silver dollar-pacu-type that reaches 12"
"sp. 'green' (M. lobatus?)1.5"40.00 or 4 @ 35.00 ea.Peruivian collected iridescent lime green colored species w/ red hook
Myloplusrubripinnis3.5-4"25.00 or 3 @ 22.00 ea.md sized 'red hook silver dollar'; a larger growing, attractive, super md-lg cichlid community/dither species
Mylossomaduriventre4-5"40.00 ea.Peruvian 'palometa'; a seldom imported silver $ w/ impressive 'deep keel' & attractive red anal fin
Osteoglossumferreirai10-12"225.00 ea.ml 'blue/black arowana'; hardy size w/ rich color
Pyrrhulinavittata1.5-2"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.Madre de Dios collected rarities- ideal for smaller tanks; bold bands/saddles provide very distinct pattern
Salminusbrasiliensis6-7"85.00 ea.aquaculture bred in Brazil 'Pantanal golden dorado' of chunky size
Serrasalmussanchezi4.5"150.00 ea.Peruvian collected, brilliantly colored 'ruby red' w/ green colored pirhana - only one individual imported
Synaptolamuslatofasciatus2.5-3"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.intensely colorful, red & black banded rarity w/ unique upturned mouth
LORICARIIDAE - PLECOSTOMUS SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Acanthicusadonis3-3.5"75.00 ea.giant growing 'polka dot lyre tail pleco'; highly impressive & attractive show pleco - only one available
"hystrix8-9"150.00 ea.L155 'lyre tail pleco' of R. Branco, Roraima, Brazil; xl growing, super thorny, jet black, prehistoric showy pleco; only one available
Ancistrinisp. L0692-2.5"40.00 or 4 @ 35.00 ea.L069 rarely collected gold & black uniquely banded gem from Alenquer, R. Amazonas
Baryancistrusbeggini3-3.5"35.00 ea.L239 'blue Panaque' - md growing sp. that boasts legitimate blue cast over body & fins w/ sky blue trimmed fins
"chrysolomus2.5"50.00 ea.L047 'mango pleco'; a truly green-bodied pleco w/ ornate yellow trimmed fins ; only one available
Dekeyseriasp. L0525-6"28.00 ea or 3 @ 25.00L052 'Colombian banded butterfly pleco' of jumbo size; attractive wavy bands on md growing species
Hemiancistrussubviridis5-6"65.00 or 2 @ 60.00 ea.L200 'green phantom pleco' of super size; remarkable lime green body w/ yellow fins & spots on head
Loricariasp. 'Rio Nanay'4-5"50.00 ea.attractively marbled, undescribed Peruvian whiptail in ltd qty only
Hemiodontichthysacipenserinus5"50.00 ea.Peruvian 'Pinocchio-nose whiptail'; incredibly unique w/ super elongated knobbed snout- ltd qty only
Hypancistrusmargaritatus3"50.00 ea.L404 very rarely imported spotted Hypan. from Rio Branco, Roraima in ltd qty only
Hypostomusfaveolus5-6"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.L037 'honeycomb pleco' of T. Tocantins in super size w/ intricate honeycomb pattern over head & dorsal area
"soniae3-3.5"35.00 ea.L137 'blue eye red fin pleco' - attractive, md growing, super algae eating R. Tapajos pleco - only 1 available
Leporacanthicusgalaxius4-5"55.00 ea.L029 'galaxy vampire pleco' from R. Tocantins; bold gold spots on black body w/ long nose - only 1 avail
"triactis4.5"50.00 ea.L091 'three beacon pleco'; chocolate brown body w/ black spots & red tipped fins - only 1 avail
Panaquebathyphilus2.5"50.00 ea.L090 'papa pleco' - an extremely attractive 'royal pleco' w/ white lyre tail from Peru
Panaqoluschangae2.5-3"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.L226 Peru collected, attractively banded md growing species
Peckoltiasabaji4-5"50.00 ea.L075 'Para pleco' or as I've dubbed it - 'decorus pleco' for Syno. decorus-like lg. spotted fins; a hardy & highly attrative of super size
Planiloricariacryptodon4-4.5"50.00 ea.Peruvian 'spoon faced whiptail'; a crazy-looking cat w/ flat, round head - ltd qty only
Pseudacanthicussp. L0652.5"75.00 ea.L065 'blizzard cactus' or 'mustang cactus pleco' - F1 adorable juveniles of very rarely imported Pseuda. species in ltd qty
"sp. L0977"125.00 ea.L097 'polka dot cactus pleco' from Rio Curua-Una, Para, Brazil; a truly thorny & very attractive Pseudacanthicus; only 1 available
"sp. LDA1055"650.00 ea.LDA105 'typhoon' or 'fire spot cactus pleco'- very rare import of immensely desirable show species; only one individual still avail
Pseudancistrussp. L2592.5-3"35.00 ea.L259 - uncommon import of lg cream spotted/wavy spotted pleco in very ltd qty
""3.5-4"50.00 ea.L259 of next size from Rio Tapajos collection of a highly attractive, md growing pleco
Pseudorinelepisgenibarbis4"35.00 ea.Peru 'pinecone pleco'; unique leather-like skin, body covered by armor-like plates - only 2 available
"sp. L095 5-6"150.00 ea.L095 fabulous 'orange cheek pinecone plecos' of rarely seen md size collected from Rio Branco, Roraima, Brazil- very few still avail
Pterosturisomamicrops4"50.00 ea.purple/violet/black colored longtailed Peruvian whiptail in ltd qty only
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps 'albino'7-8"/12"50.00 /75.00 ea.cb L083 / L165 'albino sailfin plecos' - super showy morph of ivory color w/ red eyes
"scrophus3"35.00 ea.Peruvian 'rhino pleco' w/ unmistakable large 'horn-like' nostril flaps
"weberi1.25"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.juvenile Peruvian 'ranger pleco'- seriously cute w/ lg polka dots, matures to profusely blk. spotted golden body
Scobliancistrussp. L2534.5"125.00 ea.L253 seldom imported lower R. Xingu 'sunshine-like pleco' w/ large pearl spots over body & fins - very ltd qty only
"sp. L3683.5-4"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.L368 'white spotted cloud pleco'; lg bold white spots cover black body & fins; incredibly showy Tapajos pleco
Squaliformaemarginata3.5-4.5"25.00 ea.L011 'red fin thresher pleco' - named after resemblance to thresher shark w/ elongated lower lobe of caudal fin
Sturisomaaureum 'albino'3-4"50.00 ea.cb true 'albino farlowella/whiptail cat'; remarkable pink/white whiptail w/ red eyes-only 2 available
CATFISH SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Astroblepusmancoi1.5-2"50.00 ea.extremely rare import of remarkably ornate 'bumble bee stargazing cats' from Peru-ltd qty only
Aucheniptichthyspunctatus2.5-3"25.00 ea.unidentified Colombia 'wood cat' w/ attractive polka dot-leopard pattern in ltd qty
Callichthyscallichthys5"35.00 ea.lg sized Peruvian 'red fin armoured porthole cat'; grows to about 8" w/ tiny mouth - excellent scavenger for md community
Callophysusmacropterus4-4.5"/5.5-6"75.00 /95.00 ea.fantastic show cat for lg communities; has 'giant Pim cat' look, yet grows to 17" - ltd qty of each size
Centromochlusheckelii2.5-3"25.00 ea.Peruvian rarity of green colored 'Tatia-like' cat w/ oversized, jet-like pectoral fins
Cephalosilurusapurensis8-9"200.00 ea.an awesome 'pet cat', the 'Apure orange jelly bee cat' grows large & has huge appetite; only one individual available
Corydorascf. araguaiaensis2-2.5"28.00 or 5 @ 25.00 ea.rare import of Rio Araguaia Cory, super size w/ big, bold spot pattern - only 5 avail
"sp. cw0102-2.5"35.00 ea.Peru 'orange laser Cory' of great size & brilliant color - ltd qty only
Goldiellaeques6"50.00 ea.Peru collected 'horse head cat' of great size; an attractively patterned cat well suited for md-lg community - remains <12"
Hemibagrusnemurus 'albino'6-7"50.00 ea.cb albino form of 'Asia red tail cat'; stand out ivory body w/ red eyes & yellow fins - very showy in lg species tank
Hemisorubiumplatyrhynchos2.5-3"75.00 ea.Peruvian 'spotted shovelnose cat' w/ unique 'duck bill like snout'; attractively patterned, grows to about 20"- very few left
Leiariusmarmoratus4-4.5"35.00 ea.Peru 'marbled sailfin cat' juveniles; adorable at this size; can grow to spectacular show cat of 20-24"
Liosomodorasoncinus4-4.5"/5-6"60.00/75.00 ea.jumbo 'jaguar cats' of rarely imported size w/ gorgeous orange & amber w/ intricate black markings-very ltd # of each size
Megalechisthoracata1.5-2"15.00 ea.Peruvian 'spotted Hoplo cat'; only grows to about 5" - attractive & efficient scavenger; very few left
Mystuswolffii5-6"35.00 ea.seldom imported 'Thai moon cat' of bright platinum blue/grey color - only two available
Notorusinsignius3"25.00 ea.native N. Am. 'margined madtom cats'; a very rarely offered species which remains < 6" - only very ltd qty available
Pimelodusalbofasciatus7-8"35.00 ea.'four lined Pim cats'; active species that mixes well in md-lg community tanks
"ornatus5"75.00 ea.Peru 'ornate Pim cats'; md growning (to 12") cat w/ very attractive broad blue/black & white stripes-ltd qty only
Pinirampuspirinampu3-3.5"35.00 ea.Peru 'blue jumper cat' juveniles; active, strong swimming, showy & lg growing Pim w/ iridescent blue sides
Platysilurusmucosus3-4"50.00 ea.rarely importerd Peruvian 'gold spotted shovelnose cat' that only grows to very manageable 10" size; very few left
Platystomatichthyssturio3-3.5"/5"65.00/85.00 ea.Peruvian 'sturgeon shovelnose'; unique turned up nose, attractively spotted, stays < 17" - very ltd qty only
Sorubimichthysplaniceps4-4.5"/5-6"100.00/125.00 ea.Peruvian 'firewood shovelnose'; huge growing & very attractive 'wet pet cat' - ltd qty only
Tatiaintermedia2.5-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 'milky way wood cats'; md growing, very attractive white spots over velvet black body
"musaica2.5"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.wild Venezuelan dwarf 'ninja catfish' of very bold & attractive black/white puzzle piece-like pattern
Tenellusternetzi3"35.00 ea.Peruvian 'zipper sided mouse cat'; a cute catfish that is harmless to tank mates and remains <7"


































alb redtail


pictured above: Just some of the remarkably colored and attractively patterned plecos and catfish on hand.









green terror

rh geo












pictured above: Just some of the many species of earth eaters, acaras, and S. Am. dwarf cichlids available.








Branco oscar



pictured above: Some of the many seldom offered S. Am. cichlid species available.

















gold bar

gold bar


pictured above: The above Central American cichlid species plus many more are all immediately available. Adult photos are shared for reference. Stock sizes are posted on stock page.


green chromide




pictured above: The above Old World cichlid species plus others posted on stock list are also available.






gold wolf

gold wolf

black aro




pictured above: Some of the many seldom seen characins 'tetras', cyprinids 'carps/barbs', and other odd balls on hand.

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