Do you accept ‘donation’ or ‘trade-ins’ or 'buy' fish from hobbyists?

I am always looking for local or domestically raised livestock. Whenever I do not have to source from out of the country I try to do so.

‘Donation’ fish are almost always accepted provided the fish are not sick or permanently injured and are resalable. I understand in many cases a client may no longer be able to care for a given species and may not have many options to move the fish along. Since I have a broad and global client base it is often very easy for me to find the donated fish a new home.

‘Trade-in’ fish are also almost always accepted. Please understand that on trade-in fish you will not receive retail value or credit equal of that to what you originally paid for the specific fish. Keep in mind that the traded in fish are going to be sold. I will not be keeping them to be pets. Therefore, the trade-in deal needs to be worth the trade so they can be sold reasonably, and that the species being traded in for will not be a loss on my end as this is a business that needs to operate. 

‘Buying’ fish from hobbyist is also something I do try to accommodate. Again, whenever I can source livestock domestically, I certainly try to do so. This is almost always better for both parties and often keeps the money local. Keep in mind that I already have access to obtain most species at wholesale price so retail prices will not be paid out. Any fish being bought from a private, domestic breeder is going to be resold here. Any reasonable offer will be considered but please know that not all offers work out. My sole purpose for buying any livestock is to resell at a profit. I will not buy fish to simply have on the weekly stock list for the sake of being able to list it as in stock. Example: If you are selling a species locally for $30 ea. then I will likely be reselling for same market price. My offer for them will be significantly less but, remember I am likely purchasing in a large bulk quantity. If they need to be shipped to me the price of the shipping is factored into the final price paid for the livestock as that of course needs to be added to the ‘landed’ price of each fish as also does the costs of prophylactically medicating the new arrivals before they can be listed for sale.

Any fish being offered to me as F0, F1 or F2 must have a confirmable origin. These fish are of course more valuable, but the provenance must be able to be confirmed or else they are only worth the value of long term captive raised or farm bred stock of unknown provenance and will be marketed for resale as such.

In any case listed above I always try to be reasonable for both parties involved. In the end, anything that comes into my facility needs to be sellable at a profit.


If you feel you have something I may be interested in please do not hesitate to reach out.