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Tangled Up in Cichlids


Since 1995 Tangled Up in Cichlids (TUIC) has been a privately owned freshwater tropical fish Import / export company located in New Jersey, USA that specializes in Central & South American Cichlids, as well as Characins, catfish, pleco, and other rare or unusual species from around the world.  Tangled Up in Cichlids is an ecommerce company that does not have a public retail store. I operate out of  a closed-to-the-public facility that does not have walk-in business or group tours.  My inventory is constantly changing and the 'stock list' is updated on a weekly basis (typically on Saturday evening) with everything that is available at that time. My stock is predominantly wild collected from its natural origin. However, I also stock in-house bred, locally bred, and even high quality farm raised stock to provide you with the purest, healthiest, and most diverse stock availability found anywhere.  Please see my weekly stock list for current availability here:


The facility

A quick peek at the main room of holding tanks here at Tangled Up in Cichlids when we first moved into the new facility. This was filmed by my long time friend and ambassador to the aquarium hobby Mo Devlin 'AquaMojo'

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