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Q: Will my fish look exactly like the fish in the picture on your website?

A: The fish shown on my website and/ or social media pages are of scientifically accurate representatives of the fish you will receive when they reach maturity and, in most cases, will not be the exact individual specimen unless I specify as such. Generally, most of my listed fish are still juveniles or adolescents that have not matured into adult coloration. Nearly all, if not all, fish photos I provide are from stock that has been in procession of TUIC currently or previously and has already been correctly identified as the correct species and are the photos I still use to confirm identifications on new arrivals. New or old, our photos are so accurate that they are used by the USGS to identify Nonindigenous Aquatic Species!

Please be aware that wild caught fish may have minor imperfections such as slightly torn fins, minor abrasions on body or eyes, unusual color or markings, uneven fin rays, etc. Please see my quarantine Q&A for more details and information on that subject here: Quarantine

Also please note that fish in a newly opened box that have been in total darkness for 15 or more hours will likely look pale and washed out. Fish kept in a bare quarantine tank may also retain this washed-out color. Once moved to a decorated, permanent home the fish will become comfortable and begin to color up. Also keep in mind that social hierarchy, temperature, and tank décor, especially substrate can drastically affect the color that the fish will ultimately display.

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