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Q: Can you send me only a “male” or “female” sexed fish or a “male & female pair”?

A: Sex of fish is never guaranteed. All fish are sold and shipped unsexed unless specified on the stock list as such and will be indicated as so next to the price of the specific fish (ex. “sexed males”, “sexed females", “m/f  sexed pairs”). Even fish listed as 'sexed' will have a small margin of possible error and are not guaranteed. While I certainly will take sexing of the fish into consideration when reasonably possible. This request may delay the timeline of when your order can be finalized. Any order that comes in during this time for the same species you are requesting to have sexed, that is not making the same request as you, will be filled first. In this event, the species you have requested may become sold out and no longer available. In most every case any fish under roughly 3-4" I will likely not even consider sexing unless it is a species that is know to display proven sexual dimorphism at a small size. 

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